Re: I have an announcement to make.

Original post: Wayland
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Subject:      Re: I have an announcement to make.
Date:         Thu, 07 Sep 2000 02:48:01 -0400
From:         Antifrance <>
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I hope no one minds my dissection of such an important subject; I know
Wayland won't mind.

Wayland wrote some of the following:

> I know I have not been posting much lately, ever since my net access was

short-circuited by electric eels. I had to buy an Eel Cutter so they'd be

> cut off at work.  I have been very busy with my two jobs and my

efforts to created forged pr0n from pictures of Richard Nixon, Elmo and my

> girlfriend.  And the latter is with which this post is about.  Bessie

(who doesn't know I'm a transsexual) just told me some chick named

> Emeline Holfield has consented to be my wife.  And we are to be married

in a quiet ceremony on Phobos, last year. Though, she'd rather tie the knot

> on Oct. 14, 2000 in Danbury, NC.  I know this comes as a shock to most

people, who've never heard of Danbury, myself included. But I assure most

> of you(those excepted, you know who you are), it came as quite a shock

to me too- DAMN THOSE EELS! I'm offering a reward to kill 'em and bring 'em

> to me.  I haven't yet asked Terminal his opinion on this whole marriage

(I'm not even sure if it's legal to marry your alter ego in NC), or the

> thing, but I don't think I want to either.  I promise I'll post wedding

software to make your marriage Y2K compatible. I'll also show you guys my

> photos and stuff.  I think I've run out of things to say.
> Wayland
> ..."You've got to be kidding!  Right???" -Brendan Dillon on hearing the

eels fry to their deaths. Well, it's their fault for trying to cover up the

> above news.

BTW, once again, congrats! You better know what you're doing.

Brendan Dillon (aka Antifrance),

"If it's not stuck, and it should be, use Duct Tape.
If it's stuck, and it shouldn't be, use WD-40."
       -Jim and Tim, the Duct Tape Guys

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