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(Maintained by Brendan Dillon, the Duct Tape Avenger)

What the hell is the Kamikaze Peep Squad?

Good question.

I would start with the history of the KPS, but that's a long story, most of which I wasn't around for. If you're really interested, you should visit Captain Infinity's KPS FAQ.

Currently, the KPS is a band of rogue Usenet posters, consisting of a several wannabe comic book superheroes, a martian Thuggess, a real smart Texan, a Taet of Wickedness, a ginat pshrink, a Hole, a Witch, a couple of evil Canadians, a saucy Aussie, an unintelligible man named after the underworld, a Uniballer, a Krab, and numerous other Irregulars.

We mostly hang out on the newsfroup and raise our own trademarked brand of havoc.

Yeah, but what the hell do you do?

If you want to know our primary mission, it's to kill boring threads by peeping them to death.

In reality, though, we're mostly entertaining each other and ourselves. The beauty of is that anything off-topic is on-topic, and vice-versa. And no, it is not all about Tom Servo (the M*d N*wgr**per) or Tom Servo (the G*mb*ll M*ch*n*); they are both off-topic. Way off-topic. Therefore they're also on-topic, so feel free to talk about them. Or not. We don't give a Peep.

 Kermit Krab sez:               (+)(+)        |  Click on the links.  |
                                 |  |   ,-----| You know you want to. |
                               /      \       |        *peep*         |
                         (  )  \ -==- /  (  ) `~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~'
                           \    \    /    /
                            \  <\/\/\/>  /
                             '-/      \-'
                           ,--/        \--.
                          / --|        |-- \
                         / / --\      /-- \ \
                        ()/ / --`----'-- \ \()
                         ()/ /          \ \()
                          ()/            \()
                           ()            ()   C.I.

The FQA -- By Blackhawk. Not to be confused with a FAQ. (Hosted by Captain Infinity)

Selected Usenet posts -- Posts so good, I had to give them the Peeping Commendation Medal.

The Elf Spat Page -- Learn all about our s00per-sekrit meetings outside of Usenet.

The Kamikaze Filk Squad -- Filk songs inspired by Servo and the KPS.

KPS/Elf Spat Recipes! -- Food fit for a troll.

Wackylaces -- A few of Servo's best.

Peep Squad ASCII Art -- Servo-related ASCIIs created or modified by KPS members.

The Oligarchy Peep Contingent -- A Division of the KPS.

The Duct Tape Avenger's Usenet Archive -- The best of my own posts (again, IMHO).

The mIRC Drinking Game -- A weekly ritual, once upon a time....

The Kamikaze Lego Squad -- Created on a whim.

Online Tribute to Cronan Thompson -- Dedicated to our fallen comrade.

More to come.....

Outside links:

[1] Kermit Krab is the mascot of the KPS and ASCII by Captain Infinity.

"Got filk?" graphic courtesy of Arthur Levesque.

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