My Ass Meets Terminal

From the My Ass: A Real American Hero Series


Subject:      Putting my foot down (so to speak)
Date:         Tue, 01 Feb 2000 18:18:59 -0500
From:         "Antifrance's Ass, 1LT" <>
Organization: 82nd ABN Div, US Army
Message-ID:   <>

All right, that's it. This is Antifrance's ass speaking. Normally I
don't do this sort of thing -- I'm an infantrypart, not a computer geek
-- but just this once I'm checking out this Usenet thingy, as a favor to

I've been looking over some recent posts to Anti's favorite newsgroups,
and I'm growing increasingly pissed off over a guy who, for reasons
beyond my comprehension, calls himself Terminal. Apparently Terminal is
a sort of belligerent alter-ego of Anti's friend Wayland, but this is
irrelevant. What is relevant is that Terminal is trying to wage a
one-man war against an entire newsgroup. Well, if it's a war you want,
Terminal, it's a war you got. My specialty is demolitions and chemical
attack and concealment, but don't think I can't hold my own here on the
internet. Granted, it's a bit difficult to type with two asscheeks
instead of fingers, but I'll manage.

Don't expect me to hang around here forever. I'm a soldier, not a
kamikaze peep. My quarrel is with one man. Well, technically, half of
one. But I will make certain that Terminal endures as much as he dishes
out for the duration of my stay here. I've killed better men than you,
Terminal, and I will not hesitate to do what's necessary.

Antifrance's ass
1LT, IN, 82 AB DIV

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