Re: The 3rd(?) Official Elf Spat

Original post: Mortis
Wackylaced by: Brendan

From:         Antifrance <>
Subject:      Re: The 3rd(?) Official Elf Spat
Date:         2000/07/06
Message-ID:   <>#1/1
Organization: The World Oligarchy --

You guys are all wusses.

Mortis wrote some of the following:

> So I picked Brendan up at his (dark) motel room in downtown Atlanta at

gunpoint. He was pretty shocked, but he was bound and gagged in the trunk by

> 1:30 pm. Lexie was there. I gave him a present (a laser pen, just

because). Yes, I said "him" - did I mention Lexie's a guy? Brendan escaped,

> like in James Bond), and then we were off. We made small talk in the

dim light of the car as we drove Brendan to his doom. We locked him in the

> car (I was driving, Lexie had shotgun, Brendan was in the back,

handcuffed.) Brendan broke down and agreed to help us, if he could ride in the

> passenger side). I asked him if he could drive a tank. I tried to

call HQ to bring our tank over so he could join the attack, while trying to

> keep the car on the road, going an average of 65-75 mph. We got to my

superiors' base and Brendan got in our stolen M1 Abrams. We went to the

> Regal, got out. I got free passes for everyone and we went and saw

Brendan firing at the Regal with depleted-uranium rounds as they played

> the last half-hour of Shaft, and then Me, Myself & Irene (which was

packed, so there were many casualties. All in all, the results were

> *good*). We got back into my car, and I sped Brendan back to his

new room at base camp. Then he spun, pulled a knife, and dragged me into the

> room, Lexie in tow. We made more small talk. We got to the Inn

after he had debreifed me and taken me hostage -- hell of a turnaround --

> at 5:20 pm, and then he took two pictures (One of just me and him, one

of me and Lexie, to use as evidence. He also took an extra picture

> of me, him, and Lexie). I met his parents. Then we left.
> He didn't kill me. He didn't ask me to prove that I'm a wraith (it

was the only reason he didn't kill me when he had the chance. Plus, it

> was pretty bright outside: I was scared). Lexie was quiet. I had a

breakdown, and shot myself so I wouldn't have to face my superiors. But
Brendan had a

> good time.

Brendan Dillon (aka Antifrance),

"Considering all my people suffered at the
hands of your people during World War II,
I'd say a little kissing and breast-fondling is
meager reparation." -Robert, "Free Enterprise"

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