Re: Can someone explain this to me.

Original post: Wayland
Wackylaced by: Lori
Double-Wackylaced by: Brendan

Ok, for those of you who get all confused at the sight of a wackylace, here's the guide:

>> means this line is part of Wayland's original post.
> means that Lori inserted this line in the first wackylace.
Lines with no brackets are part of Brendan's double-wackylace.

From:         Antifrance <>
Subject:      Re: Can someone explain this to me.
Date:         Mon, 11 Feb 2002 20:31:39 -0500
Organization: The World Oligarchy
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Lori wrote about a third of this:
> Wayland the Mad Scientician <> wrote some of
> this:
> >I was channel surfing briefly earlier tonight when I came across the
> Playboy network... IYKWIM! Haw haw! Then I changed it to my favorite

CSPAN Senate hearing, but Strom Thurmond was busy dying so I went to the

> >Sci-Fi channel and though I'd see what's on. I looked and there it
> seemed to be... calling me... like it held my destiny... and suddenly I

was one with the Universe. I saw a light in the distance... oh my God, it

> >was....
> >
> >
> >
> >"The Flintstones!" For some reason, my brilliant and superior mind,
> decided to switch gears, to this completely different topic. I just

called Regis Philbin with my last lifeline, but even his intellect

> >could not comprehend how "The Flintstones" was in the least bit
> educational, especially since, I keep pausing, when I speak, like Kirk in

"Free Enterprise," when he was rapping Caeser. This has nothing to do with

> >Sci-Fi. So I thought I would prevail upon the lesser minds out there
> but I couldn't find any. This makes me very sad. I guess I just wanted

to be loved. Don't we all? Anyway, I called Time Warner Cable, hoping

> >to see if they might have missed something so basic, that I in my
> ignorance, tried to get across in this post, but anyone posessing any

shortage of commas harvested this post before it reached Google. I guess my

> >brilliance might have missed.
> ++
> Lori
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> - buttnarc

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