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Ok, for those of you who get all confused at the sight of a wackylace, here's the guide:

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From:         Antifrance <>
Subject:      Re: Fubu Website Update!
Date:         Mon, 11 Feb 2002 20:20:04 -0500
Organization: The World Oligarchy
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Lori wrote about a third of this:
> ( wrote some of this:
> >Today, I'm so very proud to announce the update of my website, once
> more I was yelled at by WebTV to remove the pr0n .gifs of myself, so

I moved them to for a limited time only! Once

> >there you will find the most SHOCKING opening page ever attempted in
> 2K of memory space! Blink and you'll miss it! Kind of like all the

two-line wackylaces Lori writes when she gets bored, or even the

> >"My Little Hole On the Web" history! Also, I've edited the Ebony
> and Ivory tribute to Stevie Wonder and whatshisname and put them on the

Slashdot website. When I get over my hangover tomorrow, I'll fix the

> >Assers list to better reflect the changing times. Plus! PLUS!1!!
> I found out that growth was only some old toe jam I hadn't washed. Yay!

I guess that hospital stay was a waste of $4000. Oh, I should also say

> >There's a new photo of Jaime on the first "Cast of Characters" page,
> and an old photo of Peg-Legged Pete in the "Who's Who on Usenet" section;

he's so sexy! I want to have his children. Wait, I forgot, I already

> >the photo is the very last one on the page so you'll have to scroll
> up your scleeves and use some screlbow grease. You might want to squat

on a log if you have to take a dump in the woods. Then you can look

> >down a ways to find it in all its beauty. Enjoy!
> ++
> Lori
> It's gonna be a long month, folks.

Brendan Dillon (aka Antifrance), |

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