Re: "Futurama" 1/17 What A Shameful Retcon

Original post: Wayland
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From:         Antifrance <>
Subject:      Re: "Futurama" 1/17 What A Shameful Retcon
Date:         Thu, 21 Feb 2002 16:05:16 -0500
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Wayland's Ghost wrote some of this:

> Thank you, for that beautiful, yet unintentional segue Arthur!
> I have fully intended to come back to life; however, I've forgotten how
FUN it is to be dead! Now I can have sex with Mortis again; the first time
> we did it when Cronan killed Brendan and myself. So, I'll leave it up
(IYKWIM) because afterlife sex is simply amazing. I wish I could show it
> to you my fellow posters. Give me a scene in which I come back to life
as someone else and have necrophilial sex with myself; I'll try that too,
> and whichever I like most, I will use for my return. You have one week
to set this up before I REALLY start haunting the froup. I need a new body
> with which to do so, before I really start rotting good. So have at it!
> Wayland's Ghost

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