Re: Jordan to give birth live on net

Original post: Wayland
Wackylaced by: Lori
Double-Wackylaced by: Brendan

Ok, for those of you who get all confused at the sight of a wackylace, here's the guide:

>> means this line is part of Wayland's original post.
> means that Lori inserted this line in the first wackylace.
Lines with no brackets are part of Brendan's double-wackylace.

From: Antifrance <>
Subject: Re: Jordan to give birth live on net
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 20:10:02 -0500
Organization: The World Oligarchy
Message-ID: <>

Lori wrote a third or so of the following:
> Wayland the Mad Scientician <> wrote some of
> this:
> >(SNIP, who has time to read past the headers)
> >
> >Aha! My brilliant plan has come is working more and more. First
> I plan to graduate from the Tropea School of Grammer, where many of
the dregs of Usenet get loaded and make audacious claims, such as,
> >you've seen how I've crippled the Carolina Basketball team. Now, my
> brane hurts because i actually capitalized the I. Has anybody seen the
Doritos? I can't seem to find them. I'm always losing stuff; hell, the
> >genetically engineered virus I've put into Michael Jordan's Nikes has
> been missing for three days. I was "playing" with my voodoo doll and
caused Lori's immaculate conception. So she made a doll of her hubby and
> >made him pregnant! Hehehehe...slowly, every prominant UNC grad and
member of Lori's family will have my children. Once I build an army, every
> other sane person will stay far away from me, while the next grammer
(Kelsey, of course) continues to breed my soldiers. Then every preschool
> >student, will befall my wrath.
> >
> >
> >Wayland the Mad Scientician
(The inventor of voodoo pedophilia)
(I'm so excited I soiled my pants.)
> > ...MWA! HA! HA!
> ++
> Lori
> "Witchie's evil is apparent. Lori hides her behind sugary goodness."
> - buttnarc

Brendan Dillon (aka Antifrance), |

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