Re: Oh some of you are going to hate me

Original post: TheBigTease00
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Subject:    Re: Oh Some of You Are Going to Hate Me :P
Date:       Fri, 16 Jun 2000 05:48:54 GMT
From:       Antifrance 
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TheBigTease00 wrote some of the following:

> As one of the posters on the Chalkhills said if they pick on you

throw the chalky eraser at them, that'll teach 'em. I'm gonna

> give them hell.  Well, I'm going to give you guys hell

-- oops, I already said that, didn't I? Well, I'll say it again

> if you don't stop picking on me all the time.  i really don't

think my toes are big enough. I want enlarged toes and I think I

> deserve it.  I only bad mouth some of you, because you

guys are just silly. But I really wish more people would

> pick on me.  What the hell am I supposed to do just sit around

and not get picked on? I'd get bored! Can I just log onto Usenet

> and ignore it?  Hell no.  Why should I if you guys

won't do stuff like this? You just don't get it. Why wouldn't you

> just want to push me around.
> I posted this because I have changed my mind, because I've been

a naughty girl, IYKWIM. I always get off from

> watching reports and reading stories about

sexual encounters between MP3 collectors on

> Napster, and I used to be on the side of the artists, but after

I met "" I spend all of my spare time

> finding out what dirty things Metalica and Dr. Dre have

done in bed together. People keep asking me why I do what I've

> been doing, with the getting people's names and suing them (how

do I do this on Usenet? I got some tips from Sandramend. Hey, why

> the hell did they get the names in the first place,

I thought I canceled that e-mail. They must have undeleted it;

> I think that's an invasion of privacy).  But I guess I'm not

cared for by my ISP. Anyway, blink182rulz says I'm supposed

> supposed to change my imind in here.  I've found a few

strange missplelings, but "imind" takes the caek. I noticed

> songs on Macster that I can't find any other places, and I

get hot just thinking about it, IYKWIM. In addition, I

> wanted to admit I was wrong.  But of course you guys

know about my MP3 fetish, and what's so wrong about that? You

> want to just pick on me, and tell me I can't change my mind

-- well, that's fine, as long as you talk dirty to me

> after a few weeks.  Before I decided this I was mixed

up, not knowing where these feelings came from. Then I thought

> about the whole thing.  I still a little bit.  But after the

lawsuits started I just couldn't help myself. It's true, the

> thing that Metalica and Dr. Dre did is a lot worse.  But of

course that'll happen when one guy gives another a rimjob. Of

> course you guys don't give a damn anymore what I think.  Just

last night, I slept with Lars Ulrich. It was GREAT! Just

> because I bitched at a few of you, does this mean

I can't follow my heart? Next I wanna screw the guitarist. Do

> you have to bitch at me now?  Well, maybe a little bit, but I

enjoy it, actually. I know in my heart that Lars

> didn't appreciate what Lori did.  Of course you guys

can yuk it up, but you ignore what the drummer thinks. I

> don't really care about feelings in here, so why should I

invite any of you to my next orgy? But Dr. Dre isn't invited

> either.  So if one more person picks on me you're going to

have a night of hot sex you won't beleive. If you don't, you'll

> be asking for a huge fight.
> Molly

Brendan Dillon (aka Antifrance),

"Considering all my people suffered at the
hands of your people during World War II,
I'd say a little kissing and breast-fondling is
meager reparation." -Robert, "Free Enterprise"

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