The System Sucks!

Original post: Wayland
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Subject:      Re: The System Sucks!!!
Date:         Mon, 14 Aug 2000 12:04:01 -0400
From:         Antifrance <>
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Yeah, it's a week late. I've been busy.

Wayland really meant to write the following:

> Today, the doctor who is my supervisor asked me if I'd be

her love slave. I told her, "Sure, baby, you know I'm always

> willing to help with some lab work over the next few

hours, IYKWIM." My god, I hadn't made love like that in

> months.  I took this as an opportunity to see if I can

be on the new "sexual behavior" study at the Duke lab, and

> somehow get hired on in a full time capacity, rather than

a paid-by-commission on-campus gigolo. I hate just being

> "casual labor"(read as underpaid with no benefits).  I

want to be paid as much as the whores in the Durham 'hoods. I

> justify my needing this because, since I dropped out of

acting classes, I can focus more on "roleplaying." At Duke's

> school, as of the beginning of this month I no longer am

provided free crack. Apparently, my "pharmaceuticals" aren't

> allowed to stay on my parents' health insurance.  So I

need more pay to support my habit. I see the Head of Research,

> mention this and he looks into it.  Come to find out, I am

violating the insurance policy by smoking crack anyway! Now I'm

> required to have insurance just to work in the lab, even

if I've been clean for days and wear a rubber. And but plus

> though right now all I do in the lab is type at the

office; the Doc's on vacation, so I hot-chat with her on the

> computer.  I later find out that insurance is not available

anymore to crack-smoking male hookers. This pastes a big "NO"

> to casual labor, and to be hired as a tech I am required to

stay in college, major in studies of the Kama Sutra, and

> have an undergrad degree.  So now I am in a quandry, I can't

find the word "quandry" in my dictionary. Also, I cannot

> afford private insurance.  And I need my job.  How is it

possible to learn the Kama Sutra in a week? I can't beleive

> that an institution can require you to have something to

do with all official group sex, even just as "relief pitcher," to

> keep your job and yet not provide you with a way in which to

protect from herpes. And I need that crack, but now how can I

> obtain it?
> Wayland
> ...I know, its not funny.  Its not angry.  I just needed to

practice my cunnilingus, without having to go to mIRC and

> type it.  If you feel the need to just ignore this post.

I just hope the Doc doesn't read aft-s.

> That is all.

Brendan Dillon (aka Antifrance),

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