The List: People in AFT-S that don't care about SergeyB

Original post: Mr. Hole
Wackylaced by: Brendan

Subject:      Re: The List: People in AFT-S that don't care about SergeyB
Date:         Tue, 18 Jan 2000 12:34:17 -0500
From:         Antifrance <>
Organization: The Ebony Ass Consortium
Message-ID:   <>

Mr. Hole wrote some of the following:

> I have compiled a list of the following individuals that frequent

-ly wish they had never stepped onto this weird Usenet thingy called

> Tom-Servo. For reasons which remain unknown said individuals did NOT

have enough computer memory to view Mr. Hole's website, let alone try to

> submit an entry for the "Sergey caption challenge," I hope everyone that

doesn't like me doesn't say so; I couldn't stand it. Maybe the only person who

> took the three-hundredths of a second to send me a caption joins me as I

say "NYAH!" to the entire group. So there. As for those darn Israeli types, I

> turn my back on, and refuse to reply to any of their posts for at least

as long as it takes for them to realize the righteousness of my quest. Probably

> 24 hours.
> The window is now closed, and no new entries will be considered. The

whole thing was a bad idea anyway, so who cares? Anyway, the final

> winner of the challenge will be revealed when "My little hole on the

web" is sued by Comedy Central over Poddy's pic. The world wide

> web" is updated later this week. Sergey and I thank you for your help.

Brendan Dillon (aka Antifrance),
General Purpose God

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1/3/95 I WILL CREATE! This is the time to get those
newsgroups started that the alt.config elitists
would never start for you! ANYTHING proposed will
be created begining with my next logon."
                    -Tom Servo, alt.config

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