Top Ten Servoite Arrest Headlines

(Brendan and Wayland)

From:         Waylantifrance <>
Subject:      Top Ten Servoite Arrest Headlines
Date:         Thu, 11 Apr 2002 09:43:54 -0400
Organization: AntiWayFranceLand

Top Ten Servoite Arrest Headlines:

10. "Pantsless man arrested near Fenway Park -- genitalia reported

9. "Fifteen bodies found in Ohio cavern -- investigation points to local

8. "West Virginia man guilty in pretzel attack on President Bush"

7. "Raleigh cult leaders implicated in plot to overthrow U.S.

6. "Proctologist clown gives anal probes to Paramount executives"

5. "Canadian citizen arrested for soliciting women to publicly defecate
in Virginia park"

4. "Two Philadelphians arrested for fistfight -- apparently sparked by
argument over the best boy band"

3. "Musicians file class-action lawsuit against Maryland man for
copyright infringement"

2. "Hysterical Florida man detained for harassing new parents after
getting lost in hospital nursery"

And the NUMBER ONE Servoite Arrest Headline:

1. "Man known only as "Dungeon Master" found locked in Virginia woman's
basement after two years -- "Quo vadis?" says woman as police remove the
man from her house"

Antifrance & Wayland

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