Vodka Infusions and Mad Science


About the Mad Scienticians

scientician: (sī'-әn-tĭsh'-әn) n. 1. A person who practices laboratory science without a license. 2. A very intelligent person wholly lacking in credentials.

These are your hosts, Brendan and Wayland, the Mad Scienticians. Their backgrounds in mad science are extensive, and include forays into temporal mechanics, applied theology, cheese physics, and adhesive chemistry. Additionally, they took over the world once, but got tired of ruling it and retired.

Their favored field of science, however, is that of Alconomics, the study of intoxicating beverages and their use. They spearheaded the development of the Drunken Equation, which attempts to calculate the most efficient method to a person's goals in a night of drinking. After Wayland spent time working as a restaurant bartender, the scienticians began applying their theoretical work to more practical matters of mixology, and now, vodka infusion.

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About Brendan

Brendan is an accountant and a National Guardsman. He is also a part-time superhero and makes one hell of a sandwich.


About Wayland

Wayland is a cubicle drone and father of two, which is why he is usually in need of a stiff drink. He is the exception to many widely held beliefs about former theater majors, though not all of them.


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