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Infusions of Grandeur is a blog of vodka infusions and mad science. Your hosts, renowned mad scienticians Brendan and Wayland, begin an experiment each week, infusing vodka with a new flavor. We began this blog in December 2006, and before that point, we had never attempted to create an infused vodka before. We are learning about infusions through experiments, research, and the kind suggestions of our readers. By blogging every step of the process, we hope to teach others to create their own infusions (and hopefully entertain them in the process).


About our process

Though many legitimate scienticians are able to obtain grants or salaries for their research, mad scienticians are not afforded such luxuries. As such, we have an interest in keeping our cost of materials at a minimum. Furthermore, a true mad scientician revels in including as many unnecessary steps in his experiments as possible. In order to meet both of these ends, Infusions of Grandeur employs a method of home distillation, which allows us to easily convert the cheapest, vilest booze into a reasonably crisp, smooth vodka.

This method, originally developed by another respected band of scienticians at Oh My God It Burns!,  is fairly simple. One only needs a Brita® or Pur® water filter. Prime the filter with a liter or so of water, then cycle the cheap vodka through the filter about 4-8 times. We find that five cycles through generally does the trick. This is how we turn Vladimir® vodka, at $5.45 per 750mL, into Mad Scientician™ Quintuple-Distilled Vodka, the base of all of our infusions.

If you aren't convinced, we sampled the base vodka before and after filtration in our initial entry. You can view that entry for more information. In addition, we have written a study on vodka filtration, which discusses the filtration process and its limitations.


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