The Oligarchy Peep Contingent (OPC)

The OPC is a unit of the Kamikaze Peep Squad comprised of several members of The World Oligarchy. Its purpose is to operate within the KPS' mission and to support Oligarchy operations in certain situations.

The Oligarchy Peep Contingent includes:

The Duct Tape Avenger (Brendan) -- Founder. Holding the KPS rank of First Sergeant, Brendan is essentially in charge of the OPC. Brendan is also a General Purpose God, and is currently undercover in the US Army National Guard -- and they think he just joined for the college money! HAW! Many of his best Usenet posts are available at the The Duct Tape Avenger.

Wayland -- Next-In-Line-Type Guy. Another GPG, Wayland is also a Mad Scientician. Wayland is a thespian, not a lesbian; he's also the only member of the OPC with the evolved lungs necessary to survive the upcoming nuclear holocaust. He denies all allegations of being a hippie.

Lori -- Taet of Wickedness. Lori holds the rank of Podporucznik, but don't let that fool you! Just because she's an officer and Antifrance is an NCO doesn't mean she's higher-ranking. Rank has little or no real importance in the KPS; it's just .sig-stuffer. Lori was once Wayland's hot love bunny, but now they're just friends.

Mr. Hole -- He's not a gay German man, honest! He just acts that way to get chicks. Mr. Hole maintains the website "My Little Hole On the Web" (Ed: website defunct), the semi-official KPS photo album. Rumor has it he's also the guy who wrapped his lip over his chin and got it stuck that way.

Mortis -- Master of the Unknown. Coming from the realm of the Netherworld, Mortis is the only wraith in existence known to dabble in warez. He currently holds the form of a young scholar and world traveler. Mortis maintains the FAQ for alt.binaries.paxer, the official KPS binaries froup; it's not really his froup, but I needed to mention something here to take up space. Mortis is currently on extended leave.

Arthur Levesque -- The latest addition to the KPS, Arthur is the Oligarchy's Filker Laureate. He's also a hardcore Rockyite and an all around good guy. You can waste some time finding out more about Art's Art.

Sloppy Joe, the Meat King -- Our very own eleven-toed wonder is feared by vegetarians everywhere. His love for scrumptious animal flesh is unparalleled; he is one of Usenet's leading advocates of carnivorism.

Nanorc (aka Plain and Simple Cronan) -- Though Cronan passed away due to Hodgkin's Disease before the OPC was even formed, he remains the most influential and respected (by those who Get It, anyway) member of the group. Many of his writings are archived at the Online Tribute to Cronan Thompson.

Dungeon Master (Chris) -- Captain in the Canadian Resistance, and official OPC toilet-bowl cleaner. Chris is a True Religionist zealot who followed us onto aft-s like a stray dog. Chris is currently AWOL, much to our relief.

Terminal -- Wayland's belligerent alter ego. Terminal often shows up when Wayland's usual passive style isn't enough to respond to a situation. Though he's managed to gather a few enemies, even within (rather, especially within) the OPC, Terminal stirs things up in a way Wayland isn't capable of without split personalities or a bong.

Antifrance's Ass -- A real American hero. Though it rarely posts to Usenet on its own, Antifrance's ass has gained legendary status in the OPC with its dazzling war stories. An Army First Lieutenant with the 82nd Airborne, Anti's ass has served a tour in Kosovo, joined NASA for a Mars mission, captured Communist operative Kris Kringle, and fought a small flame war with our own Terminal.

Tara Kostezky -- Though Tara is not a member of The World Oligarchy, she has been granted Honorary OPC Status for the following reasons:

A) She's Australian, which gives her automatic coolness points.
B) She is a Taet-in-Training, Lori's understudy.
C) She's hot.
D) She's a close relation of Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski.

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