Just the Four of Us

(Robin Cook)

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Subject:    FILK: "Just the Four of Us"
Date:       Mon, 25 Jun 2001 22:57:37 -0400
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Here's a little something I came up with in response to the Troll Call
thread in rast.

"Just the Four of Us"
Sung by Theron, O. Deus, Robert Holland, and Ford Thaxton to the tune of
"Just the Two of Us."

We hear the Usenet posters mourn
And it just arouses scorn
Potter's dead, it's time to dance

We never liked him while he lived
And his friends we can't forgive
Now we've got our golden chance


Just the four of us
We will rile you if we try
Just the four of us
(Just the four of us)

Just the four of us
How can we bid Gharlane goodbye?
Just the four of us
Hope he fries!

Time to rush, no time to wave
As we pee on Gharlane's grave
You don't like it--well, too bad!

He's not here with his bons mots
Blow your grieving out your nose
We don't care if you get mad


We see that Gharlane's friends are bummed
And they say we should be shunned
We still think we've got a point

Though we still don't know what it is
And we're getting plonked--gee whiz!
Guess it's time to leave this joint


(Will Smith, eat your heart out!)

"If you don't like the effects, don't produce the cause."
George Clinton

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