The Peeping Commendation Medal:

Selected Usenet posts from and related froups.

(Courtesy of Captain Infinity)

When someone on Servo -- whether a KPS member or just some guy on a crossposted thread -- posts something so funny or interesting that it could be considered Posting or Peeping Above and Beyond the Call of Duty, I award them the Peeping Commendation Medal. Here are the recipients so far:

By Blackhawk:

By Captain Infinity:


By Jaime M. de Castellvi:

By Sergey Bukhman:

By Lori (aka 80s Child):

By Riboflavin D. Monkey:

By Arthur Levesque:

By Mr. Hole:

By LisaB (aka Dammit):

By Wayland:

Other Servonauts:

Part-Time Peepers and Wacky Crossposts:

" where everyone rides the 'Special Bus' to Usenet!"

-Captain Infinity

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I'm not archiving Wackylaces here, but you can visit my Wackylaces page for a select few, or Captain Infinity's Wackylacing page for more.

Also, please visit the Online Tribute to Cronan Thompson, a good friend of mine and an Irregular, who passed away in November 1999.

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