Peep Peep

(Arthur Levesque)

Subject:    New song for ya (was Re: New section on KPS Website!)
Date:       23 Dec 2000 23:20:38 GMT
From:       bs@boog.orgy (Arthur Levesque)
Message-ID: <923c06$1rt$>

Lyrics by Arthur Levesque -- --
(to the tune of "Beep Beep" by Donald Claps & Carlk Ciccheti)

*Peep!* *Peep!*
*Peep!* *Peep!*
I'm posting *Peep!* *Peep!* *Peep!*

I'm reading
While cov'ring up my kills
Some idjit unknown guitarist
Is bragging 'bout his skills
He must have thought that he was God's gift
Cuz he kept on blowing his horn
I'll show him that a Servoite has naught for him but scorn

*Peep!* *Peep!*
*Peep!* *Peep!*
I'm posting *Peep!* *Peep!* *Peep!*

I skipped ahead to the next thread
About the Bush-Gore mess
The election's finally over
So says the KPS
These people wish the theft had gone through
As they keep quoting Michael Moore
I'll show him what a Servoite thinks of that lib'ral whore

*Peep!* *Peep!*
*Peep!* *Peep!*
I'm posting *Peep!* *Peep!* *Peep!*

I put myself in flaming mode and jumped in with some zest
When a troller fights a peeper, he'll know he's met the best
When I opened a window on my reader I couldn't believe my eyes
A hundred more Neutopian posts, what's up with these lame guys?

*Peep!* *Peep!*
*Peep!* *Peep!*
I'm posting *Peep!* *Peep!* *Peep!*

Now I'm reading a hundred more posts
At a rapid eye-burning pace
For to be swamped by this garbage would be a big disgrace
I really don't care about Gharlane's career
Or whatever's his real name
I'll show them that a peeper's friend
Is not one to defame

*Peep!* *Peep!*
*Peep!* *Peep!*
I'm posting *Peep!* *Peep!* *Peep!*

Now I've peeped them all for keeps
It's time to take a break
Half these posters from DejaNews are obviously fake
I get mail from a lurker who responds to my bull
"Hey buddy, how can I change follow-ups
Off of"

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