Brendan's ChiCon Elf Spat Photo Album!

A number of Servo Irregulars met in Chicago for the 2000 World Science Fiction Convention, from Aug. 31 to Sept. 4, 2000. Blackhawk printed Kamikaze Peep Squad T-shirts, Captain Infinity brought stuffed Peeps, and the entire group became a roving, party-hopping Peep phenomenon. WorldCon may never be the same.

Page 1: First arrivals, and some sightseeing.

Page 2: A gift to Vernor Vinge, and others come to party.

Page 3: More partying, and the Hugo Awards.

Page 4: Congratulating Vinge, and pre-party Peeping.

Page 5: The Babylon 4 party, and Cap joins the Hair Club for Men.

Page 6: More arrivals, and some hawt lesbo pr0n.

Page 7: Encounters with Larry Niven and Gharlane of Eddore.


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