The Elf Spat Page

"Whenever 3 or more [aft-s] Irregulars get together, it's an Elf Spat."

-Captain Infinity, <>

In the past year or so, the community of Irregulars has been strengthened, first by hard times (the death of our friend, Cronan), and later by various Servoites finally getting together and meeting in person for the first time. These get-togethers have become known as Elf Spats.

Why it's called the "Elf Spat" -- As decreed by the Grand Poodle.

The Elf Spat Prayer -- By Mortis.

The First Elf Spat Ever: May 2, 2000, Boston, MA (Jaime, Beth, Captain Infinity)

Captain Infinity's Recap

The Texas Mini-Spat: April 2000, Houston, TX (Sergey, WWS)

Photos from the Texan Mini-Spat

Where's the love?

Durham Elf Spat I: May 13-15, 2000, Raleigh/Durham, NC (Lori, Sergey, Wayland, Brendan and Kurenai)

Lori's Recap

Lori's Photos

The Atlanta Mini-Spat: July 2, 2000, Atlanta, GA (Brendan, Mortis and Lexie)

Mortis' Recap

Brendan's Wackylace of Mortis' Recap -- What really happened.


The Wedding of Jaime and Beth: Early August 2000, Kingston, Ontario (Jaime, Beth, Captain Infinity)

Captain Infinity's Adventures in Beaverland

The Death of Grandpa Hole: August 19, 2000, Philadelphia, PA (LisaB, Huckleberry Hole)

Sad News About Grandpa Hole

The ChiCon 2000 Elf Spat: Aug. 31-Sep. 4, 2000, Chicago, IL (Blackhawk, Zathras, Captain Infinity, MQS, Jaime, Beth, Brendan, WWS, LisaB, Kermit Krab)

Captain Infinity's ChiCon Quiz

CI's ChiCon Quiz: Answer Key (Read the above post first)

WWS' ChiCon Match-'Em-Up

Brendan's ChiCon Photo Album

Virginia Elf Spat I: Sept. 15-17, 2000, Reston, VA (Jaime, Beth, Lori, Ken, Captain Infinity, Tara, John VanSickle, Robin Cook, Brendan, Kurenai)

Lori's S00per Smash-Bang Virginia Elf Spat Recap

John's Elf Spat Report, Day One

Captain Infinity's Lust-O-Licious Ice-Cream-A-Rama Diary Entry

Brendan's Virginia Photo Album

Lori's Virginia Photo Album

Virginia Elf Spat II: Feb. 16-18, 2001, Reston, VA (Jaime, Beth, Arthur Levesque, Lori, Brendan, Wayland, Bessie, Emily Jane)

Babies, Booze, and Breastmilk: Brendan's Recap

Brendan's Virginia Photo Album II

Lori's Virginia Photo Album II

Durham Elf Spat II: Jul. 27-30, 2001, Durham, NC (Brendan, Wayland, Lori, Arthur, Kurenai, Tiffani, Bessie, Emily Jane)

Lori's Elf Spat Recap, Part One

Lori's Elf Spat Recap, Part Two

Lori's Elf Spat Recap, Conclusion

Brendan's Durham Photo Album II

Lori's Durham Photo Album II

Elf Spat Riot (A filk song by Arthur Levesque)

The New York Elf Spat: Sept. 24, 2001, New York City, NY (Lori, Heck, Robin Cook)

Heck, Lori, and Robin's Recap Thread

Lori's NYC Elf Spat Photos

Virginia Elf Spat III: April 26-27, 2002, Reston, VA (Beth, Jaime, Lori, Arthur)

Elf Spat Quotes of the Night/Morning

Lori's Virginia Photo Album III

Durham Elf Spat III: July 26-28, 2002, Durham, NC (Wayland, Brendan, Lori, Bessie, Emily Jane)

Brendan's Recap

Brendan's Durham Photo Album III

Lori's Durham Photo Album III

Elf Spat Quotes

Crack Pipe (Or: Ode to a Durham Convenience Store Clerk. A filk song by Brendan.)

West Virginia Mini-Spat: August 31, 2002, Charleston, WV (Tyler, Blarg, Lisa [not B])

Tyler's Recap

Maryland Renaissance Festival Mini-Spat: October 6, 2002, Annapolis, MD (Arthur, Lori, Q, Vicki, Ken, Ken2)

Arthur's Recap

Arthur's Photos

Lori's Photos

New York Elf Spat II: May 26, 2003, New York City, NY (Lori, Heck, Robin Cook)

Lori's NYC Elf Spat Photos

Durham Elf Spat IV: July 25-27, 2003 (Wayland, Lori, Arthur)

Lori's Durham Elf Spat Photos IV

The Mr. Hole Hair Scattering Ceremony: August 10, 2003, Bagram, Afghanistan (Brendan, Mr. Hole's Hair)

Brendan's Recap

Brendan's Photos

Virginia Elf Spat IV: March 8, 2004 (Lori, Ken, Arthur, Heck, Jaime)

Lori's Virginia Elf Spat Photos IV

Boston Elf Spat: September 20, 2007 (Lori, Ken, Blarg, Lisa)

Lori's Boston Meetup Photos

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