Elf Spat Riot

(Arthur Levesque)

Subject:    Wow
Date:       Mon, 30 Jul 2001 14:50:48 GMT
From:       The Last of the Elf Spatters <80s_child@my-deja.com>
Newsgroups: alt.fan.tom-servo

Arthur sez the elf spat isn't OFFICIALLY over until everyone gets home.  Who
would have thought that the elf spat would last until Monday?

Best elf spat EVER!!

Details later... heh heh heh...

Oh, and here's something Arthur just wrote!

Lyrics by Arthur Levesque -- bs@boog.org -- http://boog.org
(To the tune of "Zoot Suit Riot" by the Cherry Poppin' Daddies)

Who's that swingin' up in the trees?
Monkey lovin' and pickin' fleas
Cheese, pickles, and deli ham
Who's your minion, yes I am
Servites came to play, now they can't drink fast enough
Others in the chat room want to know who's in the buff

Elf Spat riot (Riot)
Throw back a bottle of beer
Elf Spat riot (Riot)
Bashin' Libs since Tyler's not here
Elf Spat riot (Riot)
Laughin' at her morning hair
Elf Spat riot (Riot)
There's a funny smell in the air

Now sell it!

Jumpin' up and Time-Warpin', Rocky dance
Arthur and Brendan are bashin' France
It's about time I mentioned Wayland
In my filkin' Servo band
Tiffany perms her hair, Bessie's feeding Emily
Voice in Lori's head sings "How's your hole... family?"

Elf Spat riot (Riot)
Rule says you gotta swim bare
Elf Spat riot (Riot)
Eat pizza like you just don't care

You're in an Elf Spat riot

Zoot zy-ow (Zoot zy-ow)
Zoot za zoo zay (Zoot za zoo zay)
That's Jason snoring (That's Jason snoring)
Hey hey hey!
Zoot zy-ow (Zoot zy-ow)
Zoot za zoo zay (Zoot za zoo zay)
Lori sleep-mumbling (Lori sleep-mumbling)
What's she say?

You got me on the couch where I'm settled for the night
But at five you know we're still havin' a pillow fight

Elf Spat riot (Riot)
Spill drinks all over Art's rear
Elf Spat riot (Riot)
The Doritos are over there
Elf Spat riot (Riot)
Virgin hunters can smell fear
Elf Spat riot (Riot)
Grab a fork if she comes near

You're in an Elf Spat riot


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