Quotes from Durham Elf Spat III

Subject:      To tide you over until the Recap.....
Date:         Sun, 28 Jul 2002 17:32:36 -0400
From:         Antifrance <antifrance@yahoo.com>
Organization: Oligarchy University
Message-ID:   <3D4462F4.244F333B@yahoo.com>
Newsgroups:   alt.fan.tom-servo

Quotes from Durham Elf Spat III:

"That's the wrong kind of wood!" -Antifrance

"I didn't know she [Lori] could make that sound." -Bessie

"I get this problem where my butt clenches." -Bessie

"I can't get it out! It's broken!" -Antifrance

"I guess I'll make out with Lots42, and that'll count as a lesbian
encounter." -Bessie

"My boob was bigger than her head." -Bessie

"How do you lose a pound of bacon?" -Wayland

"But, you don't have rippling muscles and kung-fu grip action!" -Bessie

"You're half-naked in a parking lot!" -Wayland

"This is the best stuff if you ever have a kid or a whiny husband."

"How does one break a hole?" -Lori

"I don't know anything about this." -Gas station clerk, while producing
a crack pipe

"I'm spanking myself!" -Tara, via phone

"How did THAT get in your diaper??" -Bessie

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"Hey, Brendan, I've been meaning to ask you... when you were locked
in that spaceship with the alien, how did you get away? After you
ran out of Bugles, that is." -Captain Infinity

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