Why it's called the "Elf Spat"

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Once Upon A Time,
in article <39039663.20824E35@yahoo.com>
Antifrance wrote:

>Ok, starting Friday I'm going to the feild, so I'll be gone even for the
>weekends for a couple weeks (until the 12th).

BAAAAW HAW HAW HAW!  I'm gonna miss you!  *sob*

>Lori and Sergey: Wayland's taking over as "acting ringleader" of the
>AFTSPLE. (We really should start calling it that; it's tradition. Ask
>the Captain if you don't know.)

Nah, that's too ARKistic.  We need anarchistic.  We need to jumble it up
a bit.

Tossing "AFTSPLE" into an anagram generator, I get:

elf pats 
elf past 
spa left 
sap left 
asp left 
set flap 
spa felt 
sap felt 
elf taps 
elf spat 
tap self 
pat self 
asp felt 
apt self 
et flaps 

I like "Elf Spat" best.  It has a rather Cronian flavor to it.

Whenever 3 or more Irregulars get together, it's an Elf Spat.

I might just get involved in an Elf Spat next weekend, BTW.  Plans are
still unsettled, but we'll see.

Have fun in the "feild" Brendan.  Thank goodness we have you here to
protect us from the invading hordes of France.

Captain Infinity
 ...psst, hey mister, wanna see some postcards of some French hordes?

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