Elf Spat #2: Lori's Recap


From:         80s_child@my-deja.com (Lori)
Subject:      Lori's Elf Spat Recap (long)
Date:         16 May 2000 00:00:00 GMT
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These are the events as I remember them.  Those participants whose mental
and/or sobriety state were different than mine may have different
recollections - if so, please feel free to correct me or add anything,
guys!  It's all kind of a blur now... :)

Day #1 - Saturday

I arrived at Wayland's and Jason's place around 11:45.  As I mentioned in
another post, it was a mess.  This was largely due to the fact that Jason
was moving in that weekend.  Their apartment is pretty cool, though, and
probably the only place you'll ever see a bunk bed in the kitchen!

Wayland looks different than his pics - he cut off all his long hair and
looks like a real human being now.  (YABT, Wayland.  Hehe.)  He's just as
outgoing and wacky as you'd expect. :) Jason looks pretty much like the
pics we've seen of him, except that they don't give you an idea of how LONG
his hair really is!  And it's an awesome shade of red too.

I took Wayland to the mall to deposit his paycheck at the bank.  I wouldn't
let him smoke in my (brand new) car, which prolly ticked him off, but I
didn't care. :)  I got to try my hand at playing "You Don't Know Jack",
which was a lot of fun, and I made #3 in the top ten score list (which
either means I'm really good or they suck).  Brendan showed up sometime,
and all I really remember was a lot of awkward small talk (to be expected
in the beginning).  One thing I do remember, though, is that Brendan showed
me something really neat - he has one of Cronan's dreadlocks.  Apparently
Cronan's mother had saved some of them when Cronan cut them off, and gave
one to Brendan.

Oh, and Brendan looks exactly like his pics, but that's to be expected
since he's in the Army and they make you keep your hair short and all that

Eventually we all piled into Brendan's car to pick up Sergey from the
airport.  We got there kinda early so we spent our time roaming around.
Also, Serg's flight was delayed which gave us more time to roam around.
(We got really good at roaming around.)  While we were at the gate waiting
for Serg, Ray Charles walked by.  Really!  We found out later that he was
to be the commencement speaker at one of the local colleges.

Sergey's flight finally came in.  I'll let Brendan fill you in on their
MSTing of watching the plane pull in to its "parking space".  Let's just
say I think the pilot was on something.

Sergey was one of the last to get off the plane.  He couldn't miss us,
since we were all RIGHT THERE in front waiting.  He's got more of a beard
now than what he had in those pics of him and WWS, and it looked really
good (IMO).  Oh and J., Sergey's voice does NOT squeak - so get a better
sound card. :)

It was decided that because of the high temperatures that we would go out
for pizza and shoot pool instead of going to a park.  I got to try Pesto
pizza, which is the only kind Wayland will eat.  It was really yummy.  As
to the pool playing, I learned a few things at this time: 

1.  I really suck at pool.
2.  It is still possible to win as long as everyone else sucks at pool too.
3.  Everyone else sucked at pool too.

We got totally lost on the way back from playing pool.  Apparently this is
a regular occurrence with these guys.  You would think with having three
people in the car who lived in the area that this wouldn't happen.  Wrong!
It was amusing, to say the least.

It was decided that we would watch movies.  It was also decided that the
(underage) guys needed more booze.  So...

I gave Sergey his gift that some of you already know about - a
cross-stitched Kermit Krab (see
http://ducttape.simplenet.com/ttr/kermitkrab.gif for what I based it on).
He liked it. :)  I'm going to try again to post pics of it to Paxer if the
Captain doesn't, otherwise you will be able to see them on his website as
he mentioned.

[Ed. note: A photo of Lori's final product is available here. Also, the
above URL has changed, but the hyperlink works.]

We also got to see (and smell) what happens when you put a Peep in the
microwave.  Unfortunately, I didn't have the camera out at that time, and
we didn't repeat the experiment.  The thing nearly tripled in size before
it started to burn.  The residue looked like Peep roadkill.

The rest of the evening was spent drinking screwdrivers, briefly showing up
in and out of chat, watching "Dogma", and eating Peeps and POCKY!

I missed the end of "Dogma" 'cuz I was outside talking, but something tells
me I didn't miss much.

Day #2 - Sunday

We didn't do too much because it was Mothers Day and Brendan and Wayland
had family plans and stuff.  I spent part of the day hanging out with
Sergey, which was nice.  That evening Sergey, Jason, and I went to
Brendan's parents' for dinner (Wayland was with his family).  It was
delicious (steak, the "famous Dillon onion potatoes", salad, bread, and
brownies for dessert.  Brendan's parents are really nice folks.

While we were there we watched TV.  This was the first time I had seen
episodes of "King of the Hill" and "Futurama" all the way through.  I am
still shuddering at the image of those old naked folks.  Blech!

We went back to the apartment and met up with Wayland there.  I had brought
a cake with me where I had drawn a really SUCKY-LOOKING Kermit Krab on the
top (I took a photo so you'll get to see my lack of artistic talent when I
get the pics back.), and nobody had eaten it yet!  Also, Brendan had
brought ingredients for Holy Sandwiches (see
http://ducttape.simplenet.com/ttr/sandwich.html)  I had the honor of being
served with the first Holy Sandwich made since Cronan made his last.  I
know to anyone else outside Servo and TTR this would seem kind of silly,
but I was really touched at this gesture (thanks again, Brendan).  The
sandwich was, of course, delicious.  The cake was served by Jason with a
Peep atop each slice.
[Ed. note: The above URL has changed, but the hyperlink works.]

We watched the X-Files version of "Aladdin" (you'll know what I mean if you
watched it), and then two more movies - "Fight Club" and "Being John
Malkovich".  Yes, I finally saw Fight Club!!  The latter has got to be one
of the most bizarre movies I have ever seen, although I also fell asleep
during a crucial part so that made it even weirder.  As to "Fight Club",
there were a few things that either I missed or that didn't make sense to
me about it, so I'm gonna talk to Serg about it before I say anything more.
I did like the movie though, don't get me wrong.

This is also when the "Kamikaze 'In Bed' Squad" was jokingly formed.  No...
it's not what you think!!!!  We were playing this st00pid game, kind of
like the fortune cookie game, where you add the words "in bed" to the end
of a sentence someone speaks.  We had fun doing that to the movies and to
each other.  Some of the phrases were kind of interesting.  It was then
that Jason dubbed us the Kamikaze "In Bed" Squad. :)

Day #3 - Monday

Monday morning Brendan and I took Sergey to the airport for a tearful
goodbye (okay, Brendan and Serg weren't crying but I was).  Serg's flight
was delayed (gotta love Airtran), but we didn't see any celebrities - just
Brendan's dad who was leaving for a business trip.

I crashed for about an hour at the apartment and then Wayland came home.
We were going to have lunch, but we weren't too hungry.  Things got strange
due to a misunderstanding that Wayland and I had, and I left in a rather
emotional state, largely due to lack of sleep.  Everything is OK now, but
I'm sure Brendan and Jason must think I'm some sort of nutcase.  At least,
moreso than they did before. :)

I drove home, trying to stay awake, and missed the exit to get to my house.
Duh.  After nearly 5 hours on very little sleep it's a wonder I made it at
all. :)

And that's the end of Lori's Elf Spat Recap.

Again, Brendan and Wayland (and Jason if you're lurking yet), if I forgot
anything important or got stuff out of order or just plain WRONG, feel free
to make corrections to this post.


You know, somebody (Jason?) said something really cool that I said I was
going to use as my new .sig and I forgot it.  Sigh...

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