Elf Spat #3: Mortis' Recap


From:         Mortis <ring@mindspring.com>
Subject:      The 3rd(?) Official Elf Spat
Date:         03 Jul 2000 00:00:00 GMT
Message-ID:   <ue82mssa2cmqa339q815qckg5sruoppkcv@4ax.com>
Organization: Undead for the Enslavement of Humanity
Newsgroups:   alt.fan.tom-servo

So I picked Brendan up at his (dark) motel room in downtown Atlanta at
1:30 pm.  Lexie was there.  I gave him a present (a laser pen, just
like in James Bond), and then we were off.  We made small talk in the
car (I was driving, Lexie had shotgun, Brendan was in the back,
passenger side).  I asked him if he could drive a tank.  I tried to
keep the car on the road, going an average of 65-75 mph.  We got to my
Regal, got out.  I got free passes for everyone and we went and saw
the last half-hour of Shaft, and then Me, Myself & Irene (which was
*good*).  We got back into my car, and I sped Brendan back to his
room, Lexie in tow.  We made more small talk.  We got to the Inn at
5:20 pm, and then he took two pictures (One of just me and him, one of
me, him, and Lexie).  I met his parents.  Then we left.

He didn't kill me.  He didn't ask me to prove that I'm a wraith (it
was pretty bright outside: I was scared).  Lexie was quiet.  I had a
good time.

Master of the Unknown, KPS
Nebulosis Defunctus

"Mister Order, he runs at a very good pace
But old Mother Chaos is winning the race"
   -Lord Omar, "The Honest Book of Truth"

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