Elf Spat #5: The ChiCon Quiz

(Captain Infinity)

Subject:      Some things I wonder about...about the Kamikaze Peep Squad
Date:         Tue, 5 Sep 2000 04:14:10 GMT
From:         Infinity@world.std.com (Captain Infinity)
Message-ID:   <39b468d5.160114@news-f.std.com>
Organization: http://world.std.com/~Infinity
Newsgroups:   alt.fan.tom-servo

Over the course of this past weekend I learned a lot of interesting
things about several Kamikaze Peep Squad members...some things I'll
remember forever, and some things I'll never be able to forget no matter
how hard I try. Here's some things for *you* to wonder about:

* Which KPS member sometimes "leaks"?
* Which KPS member wants you to vote for ANYONE other than Bush, and
   would love to argue with you about it until 4:30 AM?
* Which KPS member called room service and asked if they could
   send a whip or a quirt or some manacles up to the room?
* Which KPS member introduced Larry Niven to PEZ? (and vice versa)
* Which KPS member(s) got kicked out of the SFWA party?
* Which KPS member snores and talks in their sleep?
* Which KPS member(s) partied until 6:00 AM with Delenn, Ivanova,
   and Zathras (or at least some incredible simulations)?
* Which KPS member trollerized a 5 year old girl so frighteningly
   that she started crying? (But she gave 'em a hug later, so it
   all turned out OK.)
* Which KPS member is allergic to polyester?
* Which KPS member was wandering the streets of Chicago, lost and
   drunk, at 7:00 Sunday morning?
* Which KPS member attended the ChiCon 2000 World Science Fiction
   Convention Masquerade event dressed as Kermit Krab?

The answers to these and many other mysteries may soon be revealed in a
future post.[1] Until then, try to guess the answers...and stay tuned!

Captain Infinity
...[1] or they may not. Depends on my mood, as usual.

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