The ChiCon Quiz: Answer Key

(Captain Infinity)

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Subject:    ANSWER KEY  (was: Some things I wonder about...about the
            Kamikaze Peep Squad)
From: (Captain Infinity)
Date:       Fri, 22 Sep 2000 16:08:08 GMT
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TIME'S UP!  Put down your pencils and turn in your papers!


Once Upon A Time,
In article <>
I wrote:

>Over the course of this past weekend I learned a lot of interesting
>things about several Kamikaze Peep Squad members...some things I'll
>remember forever, and some things I'll never be able to forget no matter
>how hard I try.  Here's some things for *you* to wonder about:
>* Which KPS member sometimes "leaks"?

As revealed in one of my .sigs and elsewhere, this is The Witch.

No explanation will be forthcoming.

>* Which KPS member wants you to vote for ANYONE other than Bush, and
>   would love to argue with you about it until 4:30 AM?

That's Blackhawk's wife, Carla.

>* Which KPS member called room service and asked if they could
>   send a whip or a quirt or some manacles up to the room?

That was Jaime.  He made this request mere seconds after calling them to
ask for some coffee to be sent up.

Naturally, we got the coffee an hour and a half later.  I guess that'll
teach us to screw around with Room Service.

>* Which KPS member introduced Larry Niven to PEZ?  (and vice versa)

Blackhawk.  See ChiSpat adventures retellings archived on Antifrance's
site for details,

>* Which KPS member(s) got kicked out of the SFWA party?


>* Which KPS member snores and talks in their sleep?

WWS.  Except, as he rightly pointed out, it was more like mumbling.

>* Which KPS member(s) partied until 6:00 AM with Delenn, Ivanova,
>   and Zathras (or at least some incredible simulations)?

Me and Antifrance.

>* Which KPS member trollerized a 5 year old girl so frighteningly
>   that she started crying?  (But she gave 'em a hug later, so it
>   all turned out OK.)

Antifrance.  Brendan, please tell this story.

>* Which KPS member is allergic to polyester?


>* Which KPS member was wandering the streets of Chicago, lost and
>   drunk, at 7:00 Sunday morning?

Me.  Wanna hear the story?

>* Which KPS member attended the ChiCon 2000 World Science Fiction
>   Convention Masquerade event dressed as Kermit Krab?


Captain Infinity
 ..."Exacerbate mis-information before it spreads!" --Scuzz Lorenzo

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