Elf Spat #5: The ChiCon Match-'Em-Up


From:         WWS <wschmidt@tyler.net>
Subject:      Re: Some things I wonder about...about the Kamikaze Peep Squad
Date:         Thu, 07 Sep 2000 00:33:48 -0500
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Organization: I'm sure there's one beneath the debris
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Captain Infinity wrote:
> Once Upon A Time,
> in article <8p6b6l$fcr$1@nnrp1.deja.com>
> Riboflavin D. Monkey wrote:
> >> * Which KPS member snores and talks in their sleep?

I heard it was more of a mumbling.

> >
> >3) The Captain talks in his sleep to catch up on his one-liners, so the
> >next time he arrests some kids in a mosh pit he'll have a line like,
> >"The only slammin' you'll be doin is in the slammer! Har Har!"
> >
> >The evidence is overwhemingly non-commital.
> LOL! This was "giggle out loud" funnee!
> But if I snore and talk in my sleep, I don't know about it. So I'm not
> the one. Sorry, wrong.
> **
> Captain Infinity
> ...however, I *am* the answer to at least one of the other questions

Heh - you said "Not The One".

That's Zathras' line. (1)

This reminded me of some observations that have been running
through my own head. My main observation - out of all the SF
fans and other assorted types running around that convention,
I had the most fun around this bunch - and I left with the
feeling that these are the ones I would have wanted to be
around, even if I'd never have known any of them before! But
as was said, we'll probably never be able to think of each
other quite like we did.

For these, same cast. They stood out in my view mainly
as "most likely to..." Match the names and phrases:

___  Captain Infinity
___  Blackhawk
___  MQS
___  Jaime
___  Beth
___  WWS
___  Brendan

_A_  Most Likely To... quote incredibly long pieces of lyrics
     and movie scripts verbatim, off the top of their head - in
     the voices of Loony Toon characters.

_B_  Most Likey To... be found deep in conversation with one or
     another Icon of Fandom, and to be on a first name basis with
     virtually everyone who is anyone in the world of SF.

_C_  Most Likely To ... wear far too much green makeup in public.

_D_  Most Likely To... Find ways to work Ferrets and Harlan
     Ellison into everyday conversation.

_E_  Most Likely To... Say "I don't know where we're going -
     and I'm not your leader! Stop Saying That!"

_F_  Most Likely To... Get everyone involved in a Bar Fight.

_G_  Most Likely To... Be innocently minding their own business
     when they are waylaid by various parties and forced to take
     part in protracted political discussions against their will.


(1) Zathras was there, btw.

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