Lori's S00per Smash-Bang Virginia Elf Spat Recap


From:         80s_child@my-deja.com (Lori)
Subject:      Lori's S00per Smash-Bang Virginia Elf Spat Recap
Date:         19 Sep 2000 00:00:00 GMT
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Organization: Cubicle #14
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Editor's note: events recorded did not necessarily happen in the order
written.  It's all a big blur now...

Brendan calls and says he and Jason are on their way - FINALLY!  (Wayland
and Bessie bailed out and didn't come, the weenies.)  I wait around, clean
the house some more, chat with Lots42 (boo!), watch Farscape - twice!, and
nap.  They finally arrive at 2:15 AM.  They flip a coin, and Jason wins the
guest room; Brendan gets the couch.  Good night.

I woke up earlier than everybody else so I worked in the kitchen on my
famous Spinach and Artichoke Dip.  The guys eventually wake up, and we have
donuts for breakfast that they brought with them from NC.  Mmmm...
donuts...  I also had made some biscuits.

Brendan and Jason then get the scenic tour of Woodbridge.  First to
Blockbuster, then to Best Buy, then to another Blockbuster, then to the
grocery store.  Oh well, Jason's European heavy metal CDs that we were
playing made it bearable (except maybe to Brendan).

Arriving at Beth and Jaime's place we discover a stuffed Peep that had been
jammed into the door knocker so we'd know which one was theirs.  We
knocked, and all said "Peep!" when Beth opened the door.  I felt like a kid
at Halloween, only without a costume.  Upon entrance, we encounter the rest
of the crowd:  Jaime, Tara, Robin, and Captain Infinity.  Beth's daughter
was there too.

Ferrets, ferrets, and more ferrets!  In our shoes, up our pant legs, under
the cushions, etc. etc. etc.  What fun!!  They were all so adorable -
Myron, Bentley, Attila, Cronan, and the rest whose names escape me and I
don't feel like looking up.  And as Cap quoted, Cronan tried to bite me on
the ass.  I was in the bathroom at the time.  'Nuff said.

Somewhere during the afternoon John VanSickle showed up, and he brought
some chain mail that he had made himself.  It was HEAVY!  We were
impressed.  The day was spent doing a whole bunch of stuff. (This is where
my memory blurs and it's all one big whirlwind from here.)  Tara and Beth
played guitar and we sang lots of songs.  Jaime had some really good
Canadian beer too - yummy!  We watched some "Babylon Park" and later
"Logan's Run" - this was Brendan and Jason's idea, in honor of me.  For
those that don't know, it's an early 70s sci-fi flick about a society in
the 23rd century where people are killed when they turn 30.  It was one of
the dumbest movies we'd ever seen (IMnsHO), and John, Jason, Brendan, Robin
(anyone else I forgot?) did a *GREAT* MSTing of it, which made it

Um lessee... I remember watching some Red Dwarf episodes and we also played
charades.  Some of us were more under the influence than others, which of
course made it even more fun.  Brendan made Holy Sandwiches, and they were
delicious as usual.  Lots of talking, laughter, eating, and general good
times had by all.

Oh, and Captain Infinity gave us all anal probes, and some other stuff.

Don't ask me about the Mandatory Elf Spat Sex Orgy - those are the memories
that are blurred out the most, probably for good reason.

I woke up early - again!  I got productive and did the dishes and read the
funnies, and was bored off my ass for about 2 hours.  Jason finally woke
up.  He finished off the donuts while we laughed at Brendan who was still
asleep on the couch.  We finally got tired of waiting for him to wake up,
so Jason got out the kazoo and blew it, which did the trick.  Yay!

Ken (my husband) decided to tag along with us this time.  I think curiosity
finally got the better of him about "those Servo people". :)

Captain Infinity was sporting a bright green and blue hawaiian shirt.  It
was awesome!  (Hole would hate it.)  Tara showed us some "Liquid Music"
which was really cool, and we watched MST3K bloopers and more Babylon Park.
Then we all headed out to the park to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Brendan once again made sandwiches, although they weren't as holy this
time.  We all gathered around the camcorder to watch the videos Brendan
took at ChiCon on the little tiny screen.  I can only imagine how this
looked to the other people at the park.  But what really freaked 'em out
was when we posed for group photos (taken with about 5 cameras, one at a
time) and said "Peeeeeeeeeep!" instead of "Cheese!".  I saw some really
strange looks from the next table.

Beth took Tara and Robin to catch their bus and the rest of us (Cap, Jaime,
me, Brendan, Jason, and Ken) played frisbee.  At one point we had three
frisbees going at once.  As Cap said, he fell and did a back flip - very
impressive really.  Later on Brendan, Jaime, and Ken told military stories.
Then Beth came back and we heard some stories about their wedding.  As
Brendan already posted, we tried to ditch Jaime, but it didn't work.  

Went back to the condo and said goodbyes, etc.  Cap dipped me (as in
dancing).  I've never been dipped before, so I didn't know how to position
my feet.  Can't wait to see those pics.  I brought Brendan and Jason back
to my place, they got their stuff, got one more pic of me with the two of
them, and then they left.  And thus ended the elf spat as I know it.


Of course, as soon as Brendan and Jason left, I made a beeline for the
computer to catch up on posts.

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