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Ice-Cream-A-Rama Diary Entry

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From: (Captain Infinity)
Subject:      Captain Infinity's Lust-O-Licious Ice-Cream-A-Rama
              Diary Entry, September 17, 2000
Date:         18 Sep 2000 00:00:00 GMT
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Diary entry appears as originally inscribed, commentary in [brackets].

September 17, 2000

Woke up at 9:00.  Noone was up but a cat, Timur I think.  I thought
about taking a shower but my towel was still on the pario.  [That should
be patio.  I had hung it over the patio railing yesterday to dry and
forgot to take it in.] Wanted coffee but didn't want to wake anyone up.

Folded up bed.  [A futon.]  Quite a challenge, first time, wanted to be
quiet.  Read more Triplanetary.  Left door somewhat ajar so someone
getting up could see I was up.

Eventually Tara peeked in, "Oh good, someone to talk to," she said but
didn't come in.  She went out on patio with Mark.  Too cold for me.
Recook was still asleep.  Thought about tickling her awake, but fought
back the impulse. [Regretted it later.  When will *that* opportunity
come again?]

Sandwich for breakfast.  Made coffee.  Everyone up.  Watched hypnotic
trip-inducing video created by Tara's father.  Listened to Beth/Tara/
Recook talk politics and religion.  Thought about peeping them, but
fought back the impulse.

Said goodbye to my new sister Kate.  [Beth's daughter.  Beth and Jaime
have adopted me.]

Took a shower.  [An important event, to warrant a diary entry, eh?]

Lori, Ken [Lori's husband], Brendan, Jason arrive.  Mystery Science
Theater 3000 bloopers.  Star Drek Voyager vs Babylon Park GRUDGEMATCH!

Wewnt [we went] to the park.  Sandwiches made by Brendan [not quite
Holy, but still quite delicious].  Attracted hornets.  Took pictures of
Elf Spat Virginia crowd watching videotape of Elf Spat Chicago crowd.
Recook & Tara left, goodbye hugs all around.  Played Frisbee with
Brendan, Jaime, Jason, Ken & Lori.  Fell, back flip, ouch [felt even
worse the next day].  Attracted gnats.  Tried to seduce butterfly, came
close. [???]  Beth came back [she had driven Tara & Recookie to the bus
station].  Tried to abandon Jaime, failed. [Someone else please explain
this.  Brendan, it was your idea.]

Went back to apartment, packed.  Said goodbyes and hugs all arround.
Dipped Lori [twice!].  Went with Beth to airport.

Had Ben&Jerry's ice cream with Beth.  Found a dime.  [Inside the
metal-detector area.  I said, "Hey! A tip!" and offered it to the
security lady.  She looked at me like I was nuts, so I shrugged and
pocketed it.  Her loss.]  Talked about Babylon 5, Farscape, Usenet,
"Creative vs Destructive".  [Good conversation, wished we had more
time.]  Said goodbye & hugs all around.

Flew home, small plane, tight fit.  Finished "Triplanetary", started
"First Lensman".  Cute stewardess named April, lovely smile.

Got home, hugged Tappy.  She missed me, lots of kisses.

Stayed up late downloading pictures from [just kidding, you two, heh heh.]

Captain Infinity
 ..."Cronan tried to bite me on the ass." --Lori

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