Super Pork Bacon Bomb

Thanks to: Arthur Levesque

From:       bs@boog.orgy (Arthur Levesque)
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Subject:    Re: Funny names for food?
Date:       1 Feb 2001 14:31:36 GMT
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Arthur>The other night, I made one of my famous Super Pork Bacon Bombs
Arthur>for dinner...

Poot Rootbeer>Post recipe or retract.

A recipe by Arthur Levesque, bs@boog.orgy

     Take a big pork roast (one of those thingies that's actually two 
pieces tied together with string).  Cut the strings to separate the 
pieces, and cook for about half an hour at 300F.
     While that's cooking, brown some sausage meat and ham (cut into 
little squares) in a pan; some onions and seasoning may also be added if 
desired.  Once the sausage is fully cooked, added some grated cheese 
(cheddar or swiss works well) and stir until the cheese is melted.
     Remove pork from oven.  Put one of the pork pieces on top of the 
other, with a layer of ham/sausage/cheese stuffing in the middle.  Put 
back in the oven for another half hour.[1]
     Remove from oven.  Flip the whole thing over (carefully, so pig 
parts don't go flying all over) and wrap with bacon.[2]  Take some 
toothpicks, each with a slice of pepperoni impaled on it, and use those 
(a row on each side of the roast) to hold the bacon in place.
     Bake in the oven for another half hour.  Cut in half[3] to make sure 
the roast is fully cooked (if you see pink, cook it some more).  When 
finished, cut into slices[4] and serve.

     This recipe originally grew out of a joke; but tastes so good, I've 
made it a few times.  It's popular with everyone who's been brave enough 
to try it; and if you choose the right ingredients (type of sausage, 
pepperoni, cheese, etc.) it has no carbohydrates and is great for people 
on the Atkin's diet.
     Someone recently told me that "that sounds like something Elvis 
would eat."
     Warning -- this is about as treyif (non-Kosher) as you can get, 
without adding shrimp.  Jewish people are advised to not even be in the 
same building[5] as the Bacon Bomb.

Wayland>Don't do it Arthur!  It sounds dangerous enough on its own, but
Wayland>if you give it to someone who already has the name Poot...dear
Wayland>God, I'm scared of the consequences.

     For heaven's sake, get a grip on yourself, man!  It's not like I'm 
giving him the recipe for my famous Mexican Lasagna!!

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[1]  Times are approximate; I tend to keep an eye on what I'm cooking
     until it looks right.
[2]  I find it works best to lay strips of bacon out, lay the pork on
     top, and then lay another layer of bacon on top of that.
[3]  Not lengthwise, you idiot!
[4]  I usually cut in between the bacon slices.
[5]  Or state, if possible

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