KPS/Elf Spat Recipes

That's right, recipes. A troll can't live on Peeps alone, you know. So here is a collection of recipes that have been posted to and used during Elf Spats. Just watch out for the buffalo meat.

Special thanks to Lori for a tremendous amount of help with this segment.

"You know, there have been enough recipes posted here and sent to me in e-mail
that I could print a small cookbook. Maybe I should make a 'Servo recipe' website.
.....On second thought... that's just way too weird for this froup." -Lori


"Wasabi is green tea ice cream.  Go ahead, take a biiiiiig bite. Yum." -Mortis


"Cows offer us such a wide variety for dining, I can eat beef for weeks
without eating the same meal twice!" -Sloppy Joe, the Meat King


"Booberry, pshaw! Count Chocula kicks Booberry's ass." -Mortis


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