Coffee Obsession

Thanks to: Captain Infinity

From: (Captain Infinity)
Subject:      Coffee Obsession
Date:         2000/01/02
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I love Dunkin Donuts coffee best.  I always buy the regular beans and
grind them myself.

I always use 2 full scoops of beans, which makes a full pot, even if I
only want one cup.

I have to drink the coffee within 1/2 hour, and I always use the mug
that says "Breakaway Cafe" on it.  I use 2 perfectly level teaspoons of
Domino's Sugar, and they have to be stirred into the coffee exactly 37
times, in a counter-clockwise rotation.  The stirred coffee must be
perfectly still before I add some 1% lowfat milk.  I'm happy to say that
the exact quantity doesn't matter, as long as the color looks about

This makes the best tasting coffee in the world, and I recommend it to

Captain Infinity
 ..."It's better than getting hit in the head with a dull axe."
                                 --Art Carney, _Going In Style_

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