Baked Deer's Head

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Subject:      An Old Time Holiday Recipe
Date:         Fri, 14 Dec 2001 09:20:21 -0600
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Vegetarians will love this one.

This comes from an 1866 volume titled "The Texas Rifle Hunter, or
Field Sports on the Prairie" by Captain Flack (The Ranger), late
of the Texas Rangers.

Captain Flack took it upon himself to make sure future generations
were not left wondering what the folks of his day considered
great delicacies.  He wrote:

"I will give the recipe for the benefit of future cookery-book


Having dug a hole about 18 inches deep and about the same in diameter
with your hunting knife, you build in and over this hole a large fire,
which you allow to burn down gradually.  Then, before turning in for
the night in one's bedroll, the fire is raked away, the cinders scratched
out of the oven as well as possible, and some damp prairie grass is
laid at the bottom, upon which is place the the head, unskinned.  Then 
more prairie grass is put over that, the cinders are brought back, and
another fire is built over all.
	In the morning, after a bath in the creek, the ashes are removed,
the head, beautifully baked, is brought to light, the skin peels off neatly,
and there is upon a piece of bark before you a dish fit for the queen.
	First, there is some good picking on the jaws, then comes the 
tongue, and last and daintiest of all, the brains, seasoned with red
pepper and salt, and washed down with a tin mug of cafe noir, followed
by a pipe.
	Such a repast leaves the hunter in the happiest frame!"


so, try this one next get together?

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