Prime Rib with Home-Ground Horseradish

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Subject:    Re: Thanksgiving pies
Date:       Sat, 30 Nov 2002 22:20:13 GMT
From:       Dammit <>
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(1) Buy about a pound of horseradish (a knotty ended, obscene looking
root) at the produce market. Peel it, then process the hell out of it
in the food processor. If you don't have a food processor, Dog help
you, because horseradish and a grater will have you weeping all over
the kitchen. (It's the kind of painful, suffering-infused work that
people from The Old Country are famous for.)

When it starts to look truly ground up, add salt and a bit of sugar to
taste, and about a cup of white vinegar, added a little at a time,
until it starts to have a more liquid consistency. Now let it sit for
about 3 days.

If you are reading this on the day you need it, uh-oh. Well, you can
add some store prepared horseradish to this stuff, and that should
"age" it sufficiently, bringing out the necessary volitale oils. No,
you don't want to skip the root and just buy the jar! It won't clear
your sinuses nearly as much as the real deal, and it's a holiday,

Then, rotisserie a prime rib. (Ron Popeil will sell you a rotisserie.
They're kewl.) When an instant thermometer gives you 115 degrees F,
pull the sucker OFF. It will cook more in the minutes before you
start carving. The outer part will be medium; that's for the kiddies.
Inside will be rare. Anybody wants well-done, microwave them a snow
boot; they won't know the difference anyhow.


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temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."

--Benjamin Franklin

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