Jell-O Shooters

Thanks to: Arthur Levesque

Jello shooters are really easy to make.  You follow the directions on the Jello box (generally, it's: boil water, add Jello mix, add cold water); except that you replace some of the cold water with liquor.  As with any other mixed drinks, the quality of the liquor matters.

You could just use something generic like vodka (replace about half of the cold water with an equivalent amount of vodka to get a medium-strength Jello; remember, use something good, like Absolut or Stoli)... BUT, I prefer to get creative.  For the recent Elf Spat, the lime Jello had coconut rum in it, and the raspberry Jello had Mandarin Absolut and Peachtree Schnapps.

You could always take whatever mixed drinks you like, and make Jello shooters out of them.  Lime Jello and tequila is a margarita, orange Jello and vodka is a screwdriver, lime Jello with vodka and triple sec is a kamikaze, etc.

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