Stoned Maggot

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From: (Captain Infinity)
Subject:      Re: B5 & Simpsons [was re: Morden/Spice girls]
Date:         1998/06/19
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D'you ever try bonging through Creme de Menthe instead of just plain water?

Here is my recipe for a drink I call a "Stoned Maggot":

A Stoned Maggot

Place one nicely-sized bud (with low seed population) into the bowl.  Fill
the bong with Creme de Menthe.  Toke until happily buzzed.  Pour the Creme de
Menthe into shot glasses.  Into a 10 oz glass put several shots of misc white
spirits (stock up in advance if you don't have any on hand or work in a bar.)
Pour in one of the shots of Creme de Menthe.  Fill half of the remaining
empty glass with milk or Irish Cream.  Fill the rest of the glass with Coke.
(Coca Cola that is.  Stay away from my 8-Ball!)  The milk will curdle.  The
drink will be a wonderful dark green with white lumps floating in it.

Lather.  Rinse.  Repeat.

Yummy.  Don't plan on going to work the next day.

Captain Infinity where due:  I stole most of the "Maggot" recipe from a post
    in alt.alcohol <> by Darryl Luff

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