Salt-Free Spices

Thanks to: Paul G. Barnes

From:         "Paul G. Barnes" <>
Subject:      Re: Back from the hospital after another 3 night stay
Date:         2000/03/06
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Dan Tropea wrote:
> Thank you for your wishes Witch. You are a kind person.
> I am on a strict diet basically a no sugar, no salt diet.
> I live with my mother and grandmother and they specially
> cook everything right now. The food pretty much is very
> bland. 

No salt diets don't have to be bland. You just have to get creative.

I've been cooking without adding salt for a long time now. I started
removing salt from recipes because my dad would salt his food without
tasting it and then I married a woman who did the same thing. Over the
years, I've worked up a dried spice mix that gives good depth to most
savory dishes.

Paprika - Hungarian is best, but Spanish is also good.
Garlic Powder (not Garlic Salt - that contains NaCl)
Onion Powder
Crushed Dried Oregano
Crushed Dried Basil
Crushed Black Pepper
Ground Cayenne Pepper (Sweet/Hot)
Ground White Pepper (Savory/Hot)

The proportions vary depending on the taste you want, but the Paprika is
the base - use about as much of it as all the rest combined (i.e. 1/2
Paprika and 1/2 all the rest combined). Play with the proportions,
change ingredients, experiment. Find what you like. Be sure to read the
ingredients on the label and get only pure spices and herbs - some
companies will use fillers (including salt).

Keep it in a small bowl. Because the ingredients are not all the same
size, you'll want to mix it every time you use it. 

>I can use fat free sour cream which i now love
> and salt substitute. 

Most salt substitutes are herb and spice mixes. If you have to use a
salt substitute, it's more economical to by the spices and mix them
yourself. That way you know what's in it too.

>Lots of boiled food.

Try broiling lean cuts of meat. Marinate the meat in a dry wine [1], rub
it down (both sides) with your spice mix and broil. Serve with
vegetables and pasta or rice (prepared with your spice mix instead of
salt, of course). 

More information:

Happy eating and get well soon.

	-[1] Never use cooking wines - they have added salt. The rule is never
use a wine you wouldn't drink. That being said, you can use cheaper
California table wines. Dry wines have a lower sugar content and add a
savory flavor to meat. If you are concerned about alcohol, it evaporates
in the cooking process, but there are nonalcoholic wines that work just
as well.

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