Sue's Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

Thanks to: Whatchamacallit Sue

Note: Quoting has been edited in this post.

From:       Whatchamacallit Sue <>
Date:       2000/04/13
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> I used my telepathic powers to read <8d3334$phm$>, in
> which Whatchamacallit Sue <> typed:
> >Laugh all you want at me for being just a simple house wife, but
> >I bet I could whip all your butts in a PB&J sandwich making duel. :)
> Oh, yeah?  Well, tell me this, then:  Which way are you supposed to
> cut them when you're done? HMMMMMMMMMMMMM?!!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!

A proper PB&J sandwich is constructed in the following order:

Step one: Find two pieces of white bread, preferably using Grandpa
Stroemann's King or Family sized loafs.

Step two: Slather BOTH pieces of bread with unrefridgerated peanut butter.
Adding peanut butter to only one of the pieces of bread does not a true PB&J
sandwich make.

Step three: Add jelly. I use a refrigerated jelly, not jam. It's been my
experience that Smuckers has the best jelly.

Step four: Cut into two perfect triangles.

Step five: Bite into PB&J.

Step six: Chew PB&J.

Step seven: Swallow gooey mess.

Step eight: repeat steps five six and seven until sandwich is all gone.

Step nine: wipe mouth with napkin.

Step ten: Belch if necessary.

Step eleven: Blame step ten on husband if children are present.

Whatchamacallit? We call it, Sue!

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