Twinkie Cake

Thanks to: Lori

From: (Just Lori)
Subject:      'Bout time for a recipe
Date:         Sun, 03 Mar 2002 18:18:58 GMT
Organization: Cubicle #14
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This one is so freaking easy even J. could make it.

Impress your friends!

Twinkie Cake

* 1 box of Twinkies (10 per box)
* 1 large (8 serving) box of Jello (strawberry, raspberry, cherry, or lemon
  work well, depending on your tastes)
* tub of Cool Whip

Get a 9x9 square pan and line the bottom of it with the Twinkies (flat side
down). Make the Jello according to the package directions and pour over the
Twinkies. The Twinkies will soak most of it up like a sponge. Put in the
fridge and let the Jello set (package says 4 hours minimum). Top with the Cool
Whip, cut into squares, and dig in!

Lately I've been making this with low-fat Twinkies, sugar-free Jello and Cool
Whip Lite and it still turns out great, provided you can deal with the
aspertame taste in the Jello.


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