Renaissance Festival Mini-Spat Recap

(Arthur Levesque)

From: (Arthur Levesque)
Subject:    Renfest mini-spat
Date:       10 Oct 2002 17:20:12 GMT
Message-ID: <ao4csc$g887e$>

     Lori's gone for Vegas, and I haven't gotten any pictures up yet; but I 
figured I'd post a few highlights from last weekend's mini-Spat while 
they're fresh in my mind...

     After some trouble finding a weekend we both had free, and that wasn't 
subsequently rained out, Lori and I finally agreed to meet at the Maryland 
Renaissance Festival last Sunday.
     I arrived at 10 AM (in time for the opening ceremonies) with my 
fiancee Q, and met my friend Ken (and his fiancee, Vicki[1]) there. Lori 
and Ken2 (her husband) were late; so when the gates opened, we went in 
without them. All four of us were wearing costumes; Q made the ones we 
wore (and I was wearing my new boots[2]), Ken made his, and I'm not sure 
who made Vicki's.
     A couple of hours later, Lori and Ken2 arrived. Lori was in a costume 
(the same one she'd worn to another Renfest 15 years ago; I believe she 
provided an URL to an old picture here a while ago) and Ken2 was not.
In true Servo fashion, neither Lori nor I were wearing pants. We remarked 
that our Captain would be proud.
     I had told Lori that, on a previous trip to the Renfest, I'd enjoyed a 
couple of bawdy comics named "Puke & Snot"; so that's where she went 
looking for me (and found me and Q). We all had a good laugh, and then 
joined up with Ken and Vicki (who were watching a joust) afterwards.
     Ken2 was the subject of some ridicule, being the most normal one in 
the group (and the only one not in costume). Ken was also subject to some 
comic abuse because, well, he's Ken. This led to the line Lori and I were 
using when we were the butt of insults and abuse: "Do I look like a Ken to 
you?"[3] The other catchphrase of the day was, "Can I borrow your hat?" 
This was most frequently said to Ken -- I'd ask, he'd hand me his hat, I'd 
thwack him on the head with a rolled-up program, and then give him back the 
hat. The word no one was allowed to say was "Plague".
     Anyway, we saw some performers, had some good food (which was mostly 
meat on a stick, though Lori couldn't resist cheesecake (also on a stick) 
dipped in chocolate), and took several pictures (standing in costume, 
sitting on thrones, in the stocks, etc.)
/\ Arthur Levesque <fnord?> &       __
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[1] They're actually getting married tomorrow.
[2] British leather boots called Winkle Pickers.
[3] The "a" was optional.

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