Tyler's WV Mini-Spat Recap


Subject:    WV SPAT
Date:       1 Sep 2002 12:35:13 -0700
From:       tylermasse@yahoo.com (Tyler D.)
Newsgroups: alt.fan.tom-servo

I was a little late, but I made it. The restaurant was a little hard
to find, and there some weirdness with the address...and parking was
tough to come by. Thanks to cell phones, we finally met up about 15
after five. We were happily introduced (John's gf Lisa is very
sweet), and it all went very well. Bessie could not come for personal
reasons, and she was greatly missed.

I don't have the photos (John will post them at some point), but rest
assured that we had a great time at had a great meal at the (Alpha)
Rio Grande (with vegetarian menu selections). I enjoyed a very nice
bottle of Negro Modelo (just one) and a TON of vegetarian fajitas. We
also had fried (?) ice cream

True to form, John made sure that beano was on hand to aid our

After that we went to see that huge, redneck car accident called the
Sternwheel Regatta (Blarg has a T-shirt). We chose not to do any of
the fun things they had on hand (bungee swing-type things, climbing
walls, etc.) because we ATE SO DAMNED MUCH. God, that was good food.

We realized that all three of us like the same exact CDs at one point
when we were listening to this horrible cover band play a country
version of "Funky, Cold Medina" by Tone Loc. I would have been really
embarassed (since I live here), but dumb redneck shenanigans like that
are just too fscking funny. I'm used to it. John counted all the
mullets (what was the final total on that??), and I made a mental note
of how many people were so obese that they needed those little scooter
seats. We found a gorgeous spot right by the Kanawha River were all
the boats (hundreds) were and took some photos.

All too soon, it was time for me to go back and do my gig (our best
yet, with a great crowd) and time for John and Lisa to get back in the
car and return to Morgantown. That's long drive, and I really
appreciated them going to all that effort just run into little old me
(I bought dinner to try and offset that a bit, but they really went
out of their way to make it all happen).

It was a great little spat, and hope to do another one in Morgantown
at some point, if anyone is interested in that trip from D.C...


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