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Date:         09 Feb 2000 00:00:00 GMT
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Once Upon A Time,
In article <m0k1asc844numqckos27abhqsmb2jo6hq0@4ax.com>
Russell B wrote:

>Just what it sounds like.  I have not watched the "Tom Servo" programme
>lately on my television receiver.  I don't understand how this disqualifies
>me from participating on your bulletin board.  Am I missing something here?
>I'm no hip socialist college type, but surely I can make a wisecrack or two
>without you robot fans jumping down my throat.  My friends tell me I'm a
>funny guy, and I thought it might translate to these chat groups.  I'll
>keep trying, that's all I can promise you, "Captain" Infinity.  HTH, HAND.

Oh. I see...you're under the impression that alt.fan.tom-servo is about
some gumball-headed robot named, coincidentally, "Tom Servo".

You are mistaken, I'm sorry to say.  alt.fan.tom-servo is about my Left
Socks.  Anything else is off-topic, and required reading.

No posts about my Left Socks are allowed, BTW, and any posts mentioning
my Left Socks are immediately canceled.  I'll have to cancel this one as
soon as I post it.  In fact, I may even supersede cancel it *before* I
post it.  In fact, I may even travel back in time and prevent myself
from ever writing it, or at least prevent myself from writing that
alt.fan.tom-servo is really about my Left Socks.  What I'll probably do
is force myself to insert some nonsense such as "my Left Socks" every
time I mention what it's really about.  Yeah, that'll do the trick.

Thank you, that is all.  We now return you to your regularly scheduled
insanity, already in progress.

Captain Infinity

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