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Subject:      Re: From AHBOU.....
Date:         Wed, 28 Jun 2000 15:55:05 GMT
From: (Captain Infinity)
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Once Upon A Time,
In article <>
Mortis wrote:

>I used my telepathic powers to read
><>, in which Lori
><> typed:
>>Jaime M De Castellvi <> wrote:
>>>I don't gwet it.  I thought that AHBOU was supposed to be some
>>>young boy's beloved chou-chou.
>>Wasn't that the name of the monkey in the Aladdin cartoon?
>A-*pu* is the monkey.  AHBOU is

"Abu" is the monkey.

"Apu" is the Kwik-E-Mart vendor in the Simpsons.

"A poo" is what you find in the toilet.

"A Pooh" is what you find stuck in a rabbit hole, with a jar of hunny on
his hand.

"Ahbou" was Harlan Ellison's dog, and the source of Jaime's joke.

"A loo" is where you'll find "a poo" if you're in England.

"Atchoo" is a sneeze.

"A flu" is a sickness that causes "atchoo".

"A gnu" is a hairy beast.

"A Who" is what Horton hears.

"A Jew" is one of the people who are blamed for killing Christ, even though
it was really the Romans.  

"A clue" is what Podkayne hopes Russell B gets about pointless x-posting.

"A Dew" is what I buy if the vending machine is out of Sprite.

"A moo" is what the cow says.

"A zoo" is what this newsgroup is.  On a good day.

Captain Infinity

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