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From:         Blarg <blarg@spamcop.net>
Newsgroups:   alt.fan.tom-servo
Subject:      Re: Apology
Organization: Drag/Net Systems International, plc
Message-ID:   <sbjlfuss69ff374u9dddbga4v0u04mp68a@4ax.com>
Date:         Mon, 03 Jun 2002 02:16:14 GMT

Just Lori <80s_child@bigmailbox.net> wackylaced:
>Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away...
>Blarg <blarg@spamcop.net> wrote some portion of the following:
>>Just Lori <80s_child@bigmailbox.net> wrote, while
>>>Blarg <blarg@spamcop.net> wrote, while
>>>>Just Lori <80s_child@bigmailbox.net> wrote, while
>>>>>Blarg <blarg@spamcop.net> wrote, while
>>>>>>Just Lori <80s_child@bigmailbox.net> wrote, while
>>>>>>>Blarg <blarg@spamcop.net> started this off with:
>>>>>>>>Hey there people!
>>>>>>> (& you too, Hole)
>>>>>>  He's funny-named
>>>>>   You forgot one. ^
>>>>    Exclamation Point
>>>     Very good, Blarg!
>>      I'm still trying.
>       Help me, Obi-wan!
        Now for TV Tunes!
>>>>>>>>I apologize for the mass flood of posts from me..  Apparently AT&T
>>>>>>> sucks, and I was the only one on the planet who didn't know. Their
>>>>>>  servers are slow and their customer service is useless.  Then AT&T
>>>>>   sold its soul to Satan and gave the profits to Clinton.  The cigar
>>>>    was given a new identity after the 'incident' with an intern.  CNN
>>>     is the suckiest news channel EVAR! I was unconscious when FOX News
>>      called me saying I was the #1 big-money winner.  Evidently Verizon
>       was a pupil of mine, until he turned to evil.  I have forseen that
        They call him Flipper! Flipper! Faster than lightning!  No-one you
>>>>>>>>Broadband finally got the problem straightened out with their news
>>>>>>> about Osama bin Laden's gay relationship with an obese Burger King
>>>>>>  customer who apparently got a cake stuck up her ass along with the
>>>>>   knife and serving platter! The proctologist sent the bill to their
>>>>    waiter, who immediately had a laughing fit and barfed all over the
>>>     main course. He served it anyway, resulting in no tip for the poor
>>      sod, even though he had puked.  I don't think I could blame my old
>       wretched hive of scum and villainy. You must learn the ways of the
        Secret Agent Man!  They've given you a number, and taken away your
>>>>>>>>server.  Instead of flushing the queue like they should have done,
>>>>>>> it backed up and overflowed. This mess wouldn't've occured if only
>>>>>>  the plumbing would have been fixed the night before.  Purportedly,
>>>>>   it was Colonel Mustard in the conservatory with the lead pipe, and
>>>>    I was just waiting until it was my turn.  It was very fitting that
>>>     this thread was started on April Fool's Day.  More remarkable that
>>      even after my hiatus (and playing Clue) it's still happening. Wow,
>       aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper? Size matters not, so
        Don't go to bed, with no price on your head.  No, no, don't do it:
>>>>>>>>they let the gazillion messages waiting to be posted to, well, umm
>>>>>>> it's a secret so hush. Lori is way too tired to coherently WL this
>>>>>>  message so she's just going to look the other way and let Mr Blarg
>>>>>   continue to flood the froup with multiple copies of each and every
>>>>    letter of the alphabet. Art said it couldn't be done til I saw him
>>>     on that video tape with his girlfriend. I'll tell ya about it in a
>>      Gay Online Journal (GOJ): you won't read it if I troll you with my
>       half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf-herder!! I'd just as soon kiss a
        Wonder Woman!  All the world's waiting for you.  And the power you
>>>>    Well.
>>>     Deep.
>>      Dank.
>       Luke!
>>>>>>>>I reposted some messages after they didn't show up for more than a
>>>>>>> year, and I ran off crying that you're all mean to newbies yester-
>>>>>>  day (not to mention last week!).  I really have a fetish for doris
>>>>>   cuz she has a big clitoris!!  I like making rhymes.  I do it every
>>>>    time.  This is what I say: my words, they are pleasin' every other
>>>     way! Up my butt... with a coconut! I deliver The Watchtower once a
>>      week and crashed that site what said I was a geek! Look away every
>       one, they're dying!  Curse my metal body, I wasn't fast enough to-
        gether. People will see me and cry "Fame!" I'm going to make it to
>>>>>>>>day, and that's the main reason why you see 'em several times.
>>>>>>  I must start a new paragraph here and say that I am completely for
>>>>>   -getting to change my underwear lately, and it's chafing.  I liked
>>>>    the smell at first but it got to me. I with it smelled like all of
>>>     those dumpsters Lots42 likes to dive into, and wallowing around in
>>      mud really didn't help my complexion either. It kind of looks like
>       I am some kind of god!  It's against my programming to impersonate
        There is the sun and moon.  They sing their own sweet tune.  Watch
>>>>>>  the happy wackylacing Lori did on this message.  It's truly a work
>>>>>   that has inspired the masses.  The Captain should taste this piece
>>>>    of cake.  It's almost as yummy as a Twinkie, which after a year is
>>>     suitable to be used as a weapon against Palestinians & their forms
>>      used to make thos damn tandoors.  Someone said this is a nice work
>       but that's no moon, it's a space station!  Our ships found remains
        Who could it be? Believe it or not it's just me. It's like a light
>>>>>>  of art, and should be preserved on Google Groups forever.  If this
>>>>>   is agreeable, sign your name on the dotted line. Did you know that
>>>>    I have big tits?  I spun around and sent someone to Hostpital.  Oh
>>>     by the way, I made up the word "Hostpital".  Didja notice that the
>>      spellchecker I use is broken? The Big History Book says that since
>       there will be a reward for the one who finds the Millennium Falcon
        Your friends'll be there when your back's to the wall. You'll find
>>>>>>  poor Blarg never made it to alt.fan.tom-servo in the beginning, he
>>>>>   sure missed out on all the Good Old Days, huh? It's too bad Cronan
>>>>    didn't say "My can of whoop-ass is bigger than yours!".  I know he
>>>     is sorely missed around here. <Insert "sore" joke here!>  The Pope
>>      on a rope got caught with some dope and had no hope that the bloke
>       ain't like dusting crops, boy! When 900 years old *you* reach, you
        believe I'm ready for what love has to bring. I've been searching;
>>>>>>  would never have met an exceptional wackylacer as Lori.  She's got
>>>>>   a brain AND big boobs too! Currently she's over there listening to
>>>>    Chamber Strings and some old Nick Drake.  You know, Ellis Paul has
>>>     the same first name as Ellis Island!!  Mr. Hole has finally gotten
>>      that buttplug be's been talking about forever.  Arthur too has got
>       people's arms out of their sockets when they lose.  C3PO's getting
        two babies:  One was six months, one was three.  In the war of '44
>>>>>>  the knack and is truly following in the footsteps of one Mr. Kibo.
>>>>>>>>Take care,
>>>>>>> or Ex-lax!
>>>>>>  It helps!!
>>>>>   Just look!
>>>>    I'm runny!
>>>     See Jaime?
>>      Wow, Funny
>       Rebel scum  
        Movin' on.
>>>>>>> Kissitorelse!
>>>>>   Ireallymeanit
>>>>    Illfartonyou!
>>>     Holdyournose!
>>      Itstinksbadly
>       I'myourfather

"It depends on what the meaning of the word 'is' is.  If the -- if he -- if 'is' means is and
 never has been, that is not -- that is not the only one thing.  It means there is none. That
 was a completely true statement."        -- President WIlliam Jefferson Clinton, August 1998

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