When I set up my Peeping Commendation Medal page, I decided that I would not archive wackylaces there. This was mainly because there were so many of them that they would drown out everything else, and because Captain Infinity already has a wackylace archive. Over time, however, I've made one or two exceptions. So, now I'm putting up an extra page that is devoted to the very best wackylaces in alt.fan.tom-servo. I will be very discriminating as to which 'laces make it here.

Random Bits: America the Dull Boy -- Original post by Arthur Levesque. Wackylaced by Blackhawk and Lori.

"I did not have sexual relations with that dull boy."

Arthur takes a page (so to speak) from The Shining, Blackhawk runs with it, and Lori takes it even further with plenty of famous American quotes. BEST WACKYLACE EVER.

Apology -- Back and forth between Blarg and Lori.

"The Pope would never have met an exceptional wackylacer as Lori. She's got a brain AND big boobs too!"

The longest cascade wackylace ever, with nine layers. Each line was also fixed to a justified length, for an artistic effect.

Next televised sport: Ultimate Dodgeball? -- Damienne, James D. Thompson, Arthur Levesque, and Brendan

"The object of the game is to get all the people on the left side of the school to flush simultaneously."

At the time it was written, this was the most layered wackylace in history, with a total of eight layers. Damienne, the evil daughter of Podkayne Fries, shares her point of view in a controversial flame war regarding dodgeball. Everyone decides to find out how much they can get away with before Podkayne starts busting heads, but Damienne shows that her mother's genes weren't wasted.

Gesundheit! -- Original message by Brendan. Wackylaced by Lori.

"This turn will take a turn for the worse and send you right to Hell. Which means it sends you straight down the middle of a golf course."

I liked this one a lot. I sent Lori directions to my apartment for one of our Elf Spats, and she wackylaced the directions. Since it was sent over e-mail, rather than Usenet, I added it to the KPS website (with permission) so that the unwashed masses could catch a glimpse. (Street names and such have been edited out.)

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