From the Five Books of Servo, Book One


Subject:      Re: DALnet what the hell?
Date:         Fri, 29 Nov 2002 21:19:31 -0700
From: (Plain, Simple, Blackhawk.)
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Poking out someone's eye with article number
<>, Captain Infinity wrote:

> Let's pretend that the Saggy Burping Toad Pimples on Mr. Hole wrote:
> > wrote:
> >
> >>I think this was but one of the many
> >>reasons we switched to undernet. 
> >
> >Actually, we switched BACK to undernet. 
> >
> >We were there first, left for dalnet, and then returned to undernet.
> You youngsters, questioning the wisdom of your elders, eh? When will
> you ever learn? WHEN, I ASK YOU, WHEN?!?

Never I think. Let's start over.

From The Five Books of Servo, Book 1: 

In the beginning of Infinity's creating of Servo, and the KPS - when the
Usenet was astonishingly empty, with darkness on the surface of the fen,
and the Infinite Presence hovered upon the surface of the Fanwidth -
Infinity said, "let there be posts," and there were posts, and Infinity
saw that the posts were good, and Infinity separated between the posts and
the trolls. Infinity called the posts "good" and the trolls he called
"better." And there was posting, and there was trolling, the first thread.

Infinity said, "Let there be a newsgroup in the midst of the Usenet, and
let it separate between flotspam and jetspam." So Infinity uncovered the
newsgroup, and separated the posting which were beneath the newsgroup, and
the postings which were above the newsgroup. And it was so. Infinity
called to the newsgroup; "" And there was posting, and
there was trolling, the second thread.

plain, simple, blackhawk.
I think the Undernet stuff came somewhere between thread 5 and 6, right
after Infinity creates "bongwankers" but before does away with "all manner
of pants that creepth or slitherith up thine ass."

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