Re: Checkbook Dilemma

(Russell B)

Subject:      Re: Checkbook dilemma
Date:         Wed, 26 Jul 2000 20:12:51 -0700
From:         Russell B <mailme@here.not>
Organization: Kick A Hole In The Moon
Message-ID:   <>

Mortis <> wrote:

>I used my telepathic powers to read <>, in
>which Antifrance <> typed:
>>I've been buying some CDs on eBay recently, and today I was
>>writing a check for one of them. As I tore it out, I noticed
>>that the next check is numbered "666." So the question
>>remains, how should I use this ominous check?
>>I've had enough credit card problems recently, so I don't
>>think I'm going to use it for my next Visa bill. Fortunately
>>I paid my phone bill several days ago. Perhaps another eBay
>>purchase -- do you suppose Alice in Chains would be
>>considered "evil music?"
>>Any further advice would be appreciated.
>Buy a Phil Collins CD at your local evil Mall Music Store.

Go down to your local music chainstore on a day when won of those
raven-haired, tattooed hesher chicks is working at the cash register.
Purchase a Deicide album.  When it comes time to pay, start to hand
her the check, but hold onto it as she tries to take it from you.
Call her attention to the number and say with mock seriousness: "I
gotta hold onto this won."  Give her a "significant" look.

I guarantee you this will get you laid.

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