Corrective Counseling

(Tyler Massey)

Subject:    Re: what i decided to do on sunday
Date:       2 May 2002 14:38:35 -0700
From: (Tyler D.)
Message-ID: <>

Wavy G wrote:

> >> so, what happened today?
> >
> >I fired three people, and wrote up several more. Fear my
> >middle-management wrath! 
> Fucking fascist. The only thing worse than a fucking
> middle-management pig, is a fucking middle-management pig with a
> fucking pony tail.

God, you suck at this almost as bad as Hole, Eric. Was that supposed
to get me peeved...that pathetic ponytail schtick? You need to work
on your chops. What's your supervisor's email address? I think you
need a Final Written Warning for being a complete failure, and I plan
to email him/her as soon as I write up this Corrective Counselling
Document. Just print it out and sign it. You don't have to sign it,
but it goes in your file either way.


Associate: Eric Frye

Type of notice: Final Written Warning

Specific Incident: Using a hackneyed schtick, failing to troll
successfully, and showing his own prejudice in the attempt.

Required Associate Action: Cease and desist all trolling activities
involving the infamous 'pony tail' schtick, and to show up on time for
all scheduled shifts. Failure to comply may result in termination.

I'm watching you, Frye. One more infraction and I'll have security
escort you from the building. Are those TENNIS SHOES, Mr. Frye? 
You'll need to go home and change into proper shoes. Log out, and
swipe out. We aren't paying you for the time it takes you to go home
and ask your mommy where your dress shoes are.

Any further communications between us will be monitored by an HR

Tyler Massey
Hell Supervisor

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