Marketing the Golden Dollars


Subject:      Re: Bush on Regis' show did Bush kiss a werebeast?
Date:         Fri, 22 Sep 2000 13:35:30 -0500
From:         WWS <>
Organization: WWCD
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Captain Infinity wrote:
> Once Upon A Time,
> In article <>
> Mortis wrote:
> >>>What are Cthulhu's major selling points?
> >>
> >>Cthulu will destroy the world.  It gets my vote.
> >
> >As long as he gets rid of that soft money stuff.
> That's something I've been wondering about.  Anybody here using the new
> dollar coin?  For a while there Big Brother was putting on a pretty
> impressive media campaign, trying to convince us that the coin was
> FUN!  USEFUL!  THE WAVE OF THE FUTURE!!  I remember one TV ad that had
> the Virgin Mary come to life, swaddling her Baby Jesus and talking out of
> the TV, telling us how cool the new dollar coin was.
> Anybody buy that?  Anybody using them?  Will fashion designers have to
> remake wallets?
> And where does Bush stand on this issue?  THE PUBLIC HAS A RIGHT TO KNOW!

You know what really gripes me about that dollar campaign?  (and I think
they're kinda purty myself, although I was surprised to see Mary and
Baby Jesus on a US coin)  And that is that they hired some fancy shmancy
ad company to promote that thing and they paid 'em $40 million to do it.
Wotta waste!  Sure, everyone saw the ads, but ya know what I woulda done?
Those dollars come 25 to a roll. So sell the rolls to anyone who wants 'em,
banks, whatever for $24 bucks a roll.  Your $40 million would cover 
40 million rolls, or over 1 billion coins.  (mintage is gonna end up
somewhere around that)  And everybody woulda had to spend em, since that'd
be the only way to make your dollar back.  And so they woulda all been in
circulation already, and not sittin in everybody's dustbins.  You tell me -
would you have paid $24 for $25?  Would you have paid $96 for $100?  Who
needs ad campaigns to sell a deal like that? 

Friggin bureaucrats, sit around Washington and buff their nails all day.
Wouldn't know a good idea if it walked up, punched them in the nose, and



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